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Butch Trucks Net Worth

Butch Trucks Net Worth 2020

Claude Hudson “Butch” Trucks a.k.a. Butch Trucks was an American based Drummer. He got his recognition after becoming the founding member of The Allman Brother Band in Florida in the year 1969. His performance had increased the popularity of this band and also increased the energy of the live performances by the group. This band has released various hit albums. Now let’s have a close look at the net worth of Butch Trucks in the year 2019.

Early Life and Biography

Butch Trucks Net Worth 2020

Trucks was born in Jacksonville, Florida on May 11, 1947, as Claude Hudson Trucks. Trucks father worked as an optician. He completed his schooling in Englewood High School where he discovered his interest in playing drums. The music teacher in the school encouraged him to pursue it as a career.

He went to the Florida University only for a year and left to continue playing drums in a band. Other than drumming, his interests were playing football and singing. He never loved studies and always suffered from the poor attendance at his school, because of which he got kicked out of the school.

Personal Life

Trucks got married to Melinda Trucks in his early 30s. This couple stayed together for more than 40 years. Melinda and Trucks had two children whom they loved so much. Trucks had two children from his earlier marriage as well. Truck’s nephew was one of the founding members of Tedeschi trucks Band who later joined the Allman Brothers Band in the year 1999. Truck’s oldest son who was a guitarist has performed in a trio called “The Yeti.” Vehicles used to spend most of his free time with his family and watch television in his home. Trucks died at the age of 69 in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Career, Awards, and Nominations

In the starting days of his career, nothing worked out for trucks. He then decided to go back to college and continue to study mathematics. After a few years, an invitation came to join a new project led by Duane Allman who confirmed a deal for record music with Atlantic Records. After that, Trucks got introduced with Jai Johanny Johansson, who was also a fantastic drummer in that band. Trucks and Jai then developed some rhythms which worked quite well for them. Later, trucks started getting work in the music industry and got a chance to play with top-rated bands.

Net worth and Earnings

Being a successful drummer and a rock musician, Butch has earned so much by his profession. His last counted net worth was around negative -$1 million. Most of this money was generated by way of his performance fees and the prizes he received as a guest on some special shows.

Butch Trucks was a great drummer who always lived the life he desired and enjoyed so much in his life before his death on January 24, 2017. Many people followed him because of his music skills. When he died, his fans organized a program in his memorial in Florida.


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