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Bret Michaels Net Worth

Bret Michaels Net Worth 2020

Known for his association with the band Poison, Bret Michaels is a musician who has released many albums in his career. He has given many hit singles and has released a total of seven albums with Poison. He has also released five albums as a solo artist. To know more about the net worth of Bret Michaels in 2020, read the following article.

Early Life & Biography

Bret Michaels Net Worth 2020

Bret Michael Sychak is the son of Marjorie and Wally Sychak. He was born in the year 1963 and has spent his childhood in Pennsylvania’s Mechanicsburg. He is the only son of his parents and has got two sisters named, Nicole and Michelle. Michael was diagnosed with Type I diabetes when he was just six years of age. He was also hospitalized, but he bravely came out of it and had a wonderful career.

He went to the Mechanicsburg Area Senior High School. As a teen, he used to play the guitar and later formed a band by teaming up with Rikki Rockett, David Besselman, and Bobby Dall. The band was later known to become the famous rock group ‘Poison’.

Personal Life

Bret Michaels has two daughters named Raine Elizabeth and Jorja Bleu from his relationship with Kristi Lynn Gibson. He was also previously engaged to Susie Hatton from 1990 to 1993. But these are not the two names that he dated. He has been in relationships with Shauna O’Brien, Tracy Crosby, Susie Owens, Jessica Rickleff, Destiny Sue Walker, Ambre Lake, and Taya Parker. He sure must have been a ladies man and has also dated Pamela Anderson in the 1990s.

Career, Award & Nominations

After forming the band Poison in 1983, Bret Michaels released the album ‘Look What the Cat Dragged In’ in 1986. The album was a massive commercial success. The band then followed with another two highly successful albums, ‘Open Up and Say…Ahh!’ and Flesh & Blood’. The latter earned them two nominations for the American Music Awards. Poison also successfully released the albums ‘Native Tongue’, ‘Hollyweird’, and ‘Poison’d!’. They have also released music in the form of box sets, live albums, and compilation albums.

Poison has released many hit singles. Bret Michaels himself went on to win many awards from the Metal Edge Readers’ Choice Awards in various categories. But he deserves it, as he has also released music as a solo artist. His solo albums are ‘A Letter from Death Row’, ‘Songs of Life’, ‘Freedom of Sound’, ‘Custom Built’, and ‘Jammin’ with Friends’. He has also come up with EPs and compilation albums.

His cool looks and zeal to perform also made him star in many movies and television series. His TV credits include ‘Rock of Love 2’, ‘The Celebrity Apprentice’, ‘Yes, Dear’, ‘Nashville Star’, and ‘Don’t Forget the Lyrics’. His film roles are ‘In God’s Hands’, ‘A Letter from Death Row’, and ‘Sharknado 5’. He has won the BMI Film & TV Award for his role in ‘Rock of Love with Bret Michaels’.

Net Worth & Earnings

Ever wondered how much net worth will a person have who has sold over 40 million records across the world? This could be really exciting as he has also acted in films and TV and has also released albums individually. The singer-songwriter has got a net worth of over $25 million. Thanks to the sale of his albums with Poison that he is able to make this money. They have sold over 15 million albums in the United States alone. Bret is also credited as the director of ‘No Code of Conduct’ in 1998.

Bret Michaels is surely a full house of talent. He has won awards not just for music, but also for acting. He has given many hit singles along with Poison. He continues to appear in television and we never know what the future has stored for him.