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Bjork Net Worth

Bjork Net Worth 2020

Guomundsdottir a.k.a. Bjork is an Icelandic based songwriter, singer, record producer, actress and Disco Jockey. She has been in the music industry for over four decades and has created an eclectic musical style that is based on a range of electronic, experimental, classical, trip-hop, pop music. She has collaborated with various artists and explored a variety of music projects. Now let’s have a close look at the net worth of Bjork in the year 2019.

Early Life and Biography

Bjork Net Worth 2020

Bjork was born in Reykjavik on November 21, 1965, and grew up there only. Her mother was an activist who has protested over social issues in Iceland. Her father, Gunnarsson was an electrician by profession and a union leader also. Her parents got divorced, and she has to move with her mother to a commune.

Bjork got admission in Reykjavik school when she was six. There she studied playing the flute and classical piano. She sang Tina Charles hit song “I Love to Love” in a school recital. This recital got recorded by a school teacher and sent it to the radio station. Later this recital was broadcasted nationally.

Personal Life

When Bjork was with Sugarcubes, She decided to marry one of a fellow band member. This member was, Thor Eldon. They got married in the month of June 1986. They had a son, Sindri Eldon Thorsson. This couple got divorced shortly after in the year 1987.

Bjork was rumoured to be romantically involved with other members of the music industry like Tricky, Goldie (U.K. Artist). Later in a show, while she was promoting her Dancer in the Dark, she met with Matthew Barney who was an American based artist. They started dating each other and got married after some time. They together had one daughter and got divorced in the year 2013.

Career, Awards, and Nominations

Her career began in music line during her school days. She first became a part of the band. Later, after moving to London, she released some solo hits in the year 1993. Later she managed to collaborate with producer, Nellee Hooper to produce single hit “Human Behavior”.

After achieving something in singing, she tried her hand in acting. In acting, she did quite well too. Her film, Dancer in the dark was a huge turning point for her film career.

She has been nominated for 14 Grammy’s, One Golden Globe award and Two academy awards. She has won many awards including “Oscar” for the best song category.

Net Worth and Earnings

Bjork has an estimated total net worth of $55 million. This is much more in comparison to others who are of her level, in the music industry. She has achieved this after spending her everything in this. Now she has everything that she desires.

Bjork is one of the best known for her eclectic musical style. She is of a creative nature and everything she is now because of that creative mind. She has been included in the Time magazine list of top 100 influential people in the world. She has a huge fan following in real life and has so many followers on social platforms.


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