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Beck Hansen Net Worth

Beck Hansen Net Worth 2020

Beck Hansen is one of the most distinguished American talents. He’s a singer-songwriter, rap singer, multi-instrumentalist as well as a music producer. He creates mixes of many musical styles including hip-hop, rock, country and even folk. You may explore in details below the life, career and net worth of Beck Hansen in 2020.

Early Life & Biography:

Beck Hansen Net Worth 2020

Beck Hansen was born on July 8, 1970, in Los Angeles city in California, United States. His father David Campbell is a successful and popular composer, conductor and arranger who was born in Canada. His mother Bibbe Hansen is a musician, performing artist and actress. Beck’s parents separated when he was around ten years old, and his father got remarried to Raven Kane.

Beck Hansen was mainly grown and raised in his hometown. He has one younger brother who was born two years after him; his name is Channing Hansen. After his parents separated, he remained with his brother and mother in Los Angeles.

Personal Life:

Beck Hansen has been into marriage, relationships and had children that we know of and that is confirmed. He dated the American actress, singer and author Gina Gershon and actress Winona Ryder. The longest relationship he had been into was with the designer Leigh Limon which lasted for nine years.

Beck Hansen has been married to the actress Marissa Ribisi since 2004. Beck and Marissa gave birth to 1 son and one daughter together, Cosimo Henri Hansen was born in 2004, and Tuesday Hansen was born in 2007.

Career, Awards & Nominations:

Beck Hansen debut studio album “Golden Feelings” is considered as an unofficial album. He began experiencing success and gaining attention and popularity with his 3rd studio album “Mellow Gold” which is considered as his debut official, and it peaked on charts in many countries including Germany, Australia, UK, US and others.

For the awards, Beck Hansen has received over 70 award wins and nominations throughout his career. His total wins include 3 Brit Awards, 5 Grammy Awards, 6 MTV Video Music Awards, among others. In 2018, Beck Hansen received nominations for a Berlin Music Video Award, a Brit Award and a Grammy Award.

Beck Hansen latest released studio album is titled “Colors”. He produced it along with Greg Kurstin, and it was released last year by Capitol Records. The album achieved great ranks as it peaked at one on the US Top Alternative Albums and Top Rock Albums charts.

Net Worth & Earnings:

The talented American musician Beck Hansen has an estimated net worth of somewhere around $35 million. He earned his tens of millions from the music he worked on which concludes all of his wealth. Beck Hansen albums ranked on top charts and in various countries which means that they achieved millions of copies in sales.

Beck Hansen is one of the century’s most talented musicians. He has more than 15 different type of albums in his discography containing studio albums, Compilation albums and EPs other than the collaborations he worked on. Beck Hansen is living in happy conditions with his wife Marissa Ribisi and their children.


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