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Alex Lifeson Net Worth

Alex Lifeson Net Worth 2020

Famous Canadian musician, Alex Lifeson co-founded his band ‘Rush’ while in school. Alex Lifeson and other members of ‘Rush’ has released successful albums since the 1980s. Also, Alex is a well-known actor. Continue reading to find the estimated net worth of Alex Lifeson as of 2019.

Early Life & Biography:

Alex Lifeson Net Worth 2020

Alex Lifeson (Alexandar Zivojinovich) was born on 27th August 1953 in Fernie, British Columbia, Canada, to Melanija and Nenad Zivojinovich. Both his parents were Serbian immigrants to Canada. Alex Lifeson grew up in Toronto, Ontario. As a child, Alex learned to play the viola. At age 12, Alex received his first six-string Kent classical guitar as Christmas gift from his father. Alex later upgraded it to a Japanese electric model.

Personal Life:

In 1975, Alex Lifeson married Charlene Lifeson. They have two sons named Justin Lifeson (b. 1970) and Adrian Lifeson (b. 1977).

Career, Awards & Nominations:

While in school Alex befriended John Rutsey (d. 2008) and they co-founded a band, ‘The Projection.’ Later, when Jeff Jones joined the same band was called ‘Rush’ with its first manager, Ray Danniels. Eventually, Geddy Lee replaced Jeff Jones.

The band ‘Rush’ released their first album ‘Rush’ after which John Rutsey had to leave for ill health. Neil Peart replaced John. ‘Rush’ released the second album 1975s ‘Fly by Night’ that ranked on top of Canada and the US charts. All albums released were successful. ‘Rush’ released their latest album ‘Rush R40 Live’. Latest studio album ‘Clockwork Angels’ ranked no.1 on Canadian albums chart and no.2 on Billboard 200 chart.

Alex Lifeson released his first solo album 1996s ‘Victor’ (1996) that ranked on top charts. Also, Alex Lifeson worked with other musicians and bands including ‘I Mother Earth,’ ‘Lawrence Gowan,’ ‘Platinum Blonde,’ ‘Tiles,’ and others.

Alex Lifeson appeared in several television series and movies including ‘Trailer Park Boys: The Movie’ and ‘Trailer Park Boys: Countdown to Liquor Day’ (comedy crime movies), ‘Suck’ (comedy horror movie), ‘Ecstasy’ (romantic drama movie). In 2017-2018, Alex appeared in ‘Trailer Park Boys: Out of the Park,’ and ‘Crawford’ (Canadian comedy series). Moreover, Alex Lifeson created the soundtrack for 2017s ‘Little Evil’ (comedy horror movie).

Alex Lifeson and other members of ‘Rush’ got nominated for 7 Grammy Awards and won 1 Grammy Awards. Alex won Juno Award for Rock Album of the year for ‘Clockwork Angels.’ Alex won Juno Award for Music DVD of the year for ‘Rush in Rio, Rush: Beyond the Lighted Stage.’ Alex won Juno Award for Best Hard Rock/Metal album for ‘Presto.’

Net Worth & Earnings:

The net worth of Alex Lifeson is over $38 million. Most of Alex Lifeson’s wealth comes from sales of the band’s albums, studio albums, and Alex’s solo albums. The band members earned around’ $3 million from the sale of the album entitled ‘2112’. Also, they earned over $4 million from the sale of the album series called ‘Moving Pictures.’

In addition to playing the guitar, Alex Lifeson plays keyboards and backs vocals during live performances. Besides contributing to music, Alex Lifeson co-owns ‘The Orbit Room’ (bar cum restaurant) in Toronto, Canada. Also, Alex Lifeson is a painter and an aircraft pilot with a license.


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