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Mayte Garcia Net Worth

Mayte Garcia Net Worth 2020

Just like acting, many people have had a successful career in dancing. Mayte Garcia happens to be one of those. She is also a model and an actress from the United States of America. Today, let’s learn more about the career, biography and the net worth of Mayte Garcia in 2020.

Early Life & Biography

Mayte Garcia Net Worth 2020

She was born Mayte Jannell Garcia on 12th November 1973 in Alabama, the USA. She was one of the two children of John, who worked as a military pilot in the U.S, and Jannell, who was a dancer as well. Both her parents were of the Puerto Rican descent. Her other sibling is called Janice, and they were brought up both in the United States and in Germany.

Dancing was in her blood, and she began belly dancing at the tender age of three. At the age of 8, she appeared on the program known as ‘That’s Incredible!’ on the American television. She appeared as the youngest professional belly dancer in the whole world. She attended and graduated from a school in Germany known as General H.H. Arnold High School.

Personal Life

Garcia was once married to Prince Paisley. The two met in Germany when Garcia was only 16 years old. She moved on to live in his home until her graduation. Their relationship went to the next level when she was 19 years old, and they became sexually involved.

They tied the knot in 1996, and they were blessed with a baby Amiir the same year in October. The child, unfortunately, died after only six days. Garcia later had a miscarriage and their marriage was on the rocks which led to a divorce in 2000. She then in 2013 adopted a daughter Gia.

Career, Awards, & Nominations

Garcia began dancing when she was just a child. Prince noticed her in 1990, and he took her as his dancer in his ‘Diamond and Pearls Tour.’ She also appeared on his next album ‘Love Symbol’ in 1992; she became a member of ‘The New Power Generation’ for four years.

An album by the title ‘Child of the Sun’ was produced by Prince and the title was for her. She became the artistic director of the NPG in 1997 on tour by Prince. Myate was as well the director of the music video for the Prince’s song ‘The One. Apart from working for Prince, she worked for Britney Spears’ choreography.

Garcia is also an actress and she appeared in several films like ‘El Vacilon,’ ‘Firehouse Dog,’ ’Dus’ among others. Also, she starred as a guest in other various television series among them ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians,’ ‘Psych,’ ‘Las Vegas,’ among many others. She also authored a book in 2017 by the title ‘The Most Beautiful; My Life With Prince.’

Net Worth & Earnings

The estimated net worth of this famous model and dancer is $3.5 Million. She has had a very successful career as a dancer, and it has been the primary source of her income. She as well has appeared in a couple of movies as well as tv series. All this adds up to her fortune.

Myate Garcia is a well-established dancer who has an excellent career. She began dancing as a tiny child, and she is among the very few people who have been able to pursue their childhood passion into a successful career. She has managed to stay at the top of what she does for years.


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