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Iman Net Worth

Iman Net Worth 2020

Iman is a famous Somalian actor, fashion model, and entrepreneur. Iman is renowned for branded Iman cosmetics and fashion online. Continue reading to find the net worth of Iman as of 2019.

Early Life & Biography:

Iman Net Worth 2020

Iman was born as Zara Mohamed Abdulmajid on 25th July 1955 in Mogadishu, Somalia. Zara’s name was changed to Iman (means ‘faith’ in Arabic) after her grandfather insisted. Iman’s father, Mohamed Abdulmajid was an ambassador. Iman’s mother, Marian was a gynecologist. Iman has two brothers and two sisters.

Initially, Iman lived with her grandparents but, later she went to boarding school. During the wars, the family went to Kenya. Iman studied political science. Iman follows Islamic religion and fluently speaks Arabic, English, French, Italian and Somali.

Personal Life:

Iman and David Bowie, the British rock musician, met in Los Angeles in 1990. After two years, they got married and had a daughter named Alexandria Zahra Jones (b. 15th August 2000). Also, Iman is stepmother to David Bowie’s son, Duncan, born from his previous marriage. Both children use their father’s legal last name, Jones. Also, Iman has a daughter named Zulekha (b.1978) from her marriage to Spencer Haywood, the American basketball player.

Career, Awards & Nominations:

When Peter Beard, an American photographer, requested her to model, Iman asked $8000, her college tuition. Peter Beard returned to New York and promoted her photographs as African beauty. He encouraged Iman to move to New York. Eventually, Iman went to the US where several photographers met her at the airport.

Throughout 1970-1980, Iman was the favorite model of ‘Vogue’ magazine and Harper’s ‘Bazaar.’ Iman’s long neck, copper-colored skin and accent made her a most sought after super-hit model. Yves Saint Laurent made Iman’s collection. Also, Iman worked with several famous designers like Calvin Klein, Donna Karen, Gianni Versace, and others. Iman worked with renowned photographers and designers including today’s TESS in London.

As an entrepreneur, Iman launched ‘Iman Cosmetics’ after working as a model for 20 years. Iman concentrates on creating branded products focusing on uncommon cosmetic colors for women. Iman adds her own formula and ideas to the finished product. Since Iman is a famous model, the CEO of online home shopping encouraged her. Iman commenced her own fashion online called ‘Global Chic.’

Iman first appeared in television series ‘Miami Vice’. In the 2000s, Iman hosted the fashion-themed television show. Iman enacted in the British movie ‘The Human Factor’ and sometimes appeared in ‘Rom-com Exit to Eden.’ Iman and David Bowie appeared in the game called ‘The Nomad Soul.’

The most prestigious award was the Fashion Icon from the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA).

Net Worth & Earnings:

The net worth of Iman is $110 million. Most of Iman’s wealth comes from her career as a high-ended model. Also, Iman has appeared on various television series and movies. Another major source of income comes from her two online stores – Iman cosmetics and Iman’s fashion. In 2010, Iman’s Cosmetic crossed $25 million, and designers like Ayaan and Idyl Mohallim became brand ambassadors.

Iman is the spokesperson for ‘Keep a Child Alive’ Foundation working with ‘Children’s Defence Fund.’ Iman is against mineral trading as a member of ‘Enough Project’ and into the public campaign against blood diamonds.


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