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Ann Coulter Net Worth

Ann Coulter Net Worth 2020

How about a woman with a voice? In a world where women are not given equal rights and opportunities, there are women, who have a powerful voice and can put forward their point of view without any hassle. Times are changing!

We see powerful women all around us! There are influential women like Ann Coulter, who are not afraid to speak their mind. She is better known as the most ruthless commentator. Even though she is a woman, but she has been making the statement about how women should be stripped of their right to vote. Just so you know, Ann Coulter is a conservative political and social commentator, lawyer, columnist, and writer. This justifies the statements she makes!

There are many people, who might not find her pleasant but she has strong opinions and has earned a living through her voice and opinions. Here is a post about early life, career, awards and net worth of Ann Coulter as of 2019.

Early Life & Biography:

Ann Coulter Net Worth 2020

Ann Coulter was born as Ann Hart Coulter, and she hails from New York City. However, Ann was raised in Connecticut. Born in the year 1961 on December 8th, Ann’s father was an FBI agent.

Coulter was raised in a conservative family and even since childhood, she was termed as a conservative. When Ann turned 14, she moved to New York City where her brother lived.

After earning a degree in History from Cornell University, Ann wanted to pursue law. Ann Coulter went to University of Michigan Law School, and there, she was also the editor of Michigan Law Review. This shows that Ann was interested in writing since the very beginning.

Career, Awards & Nominations:

Ann Coulter started her career as a law clerk in Kansas City. According to sources, Ann is known for her sharp tongue as she spares nobody! Are we afraid of her strong voice or her sharp tongue?

Coulter is a commentator, but she has written several books which have been featured in the New York Times bestseller list. If we combine all the books and their sales, 3 million copies were sold in the year 2009.

Ann Coulter‘s name is always associated with controversies, and she is aggressively argumentative. Even though she is controversial but Ann has stood by her words and statements. She has no control over what she says and is not afraid of speaking her mind. Ann Coulter has called ex-President Obama, a retard. She called John Edwards, a faggot. Coulter has also appeared in some movies, one of which is called Feeding the Beast.

Ann Coulter currently resides in Florida. She does not have a charming personality, and she is known for being too opinionated. Ann Coulter has not received any awards yet, but she has achieved a lot in life.

It looks like her ruthless attitude has helped her reach the top!

Net Worth & Earnings:

Ann Coulter has a successful career as a columnist and commentator. She has managed to accumulate money and respect. You must be excited to know her net worth!

Ann Coulter has a net worth of $11.5 million. She has earned all this through her career as a political and social commentator, lawyer, writer, and columnist. Even though Ann Coulter is known to be an obnoxious woman, who says the meanest statements about political leaders and women but she is the type of woman, who leads. She is on the top in her field and continues to stun the crowd with her ruthless comments.
Cheers to her!