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Tom Brokaw Net Worth

Tom Brokaw Net Worth 2020

Tom Brokaw is a famous and a popular journalist and a TV anchor in the United States who has earned optimum glory over the years of his professional career. Tom Brokaw is best-known for his anchoring in the ‘NBC Nightly News’. Over the years of his long career, Tom Brokaw has covered top major stories around the world such as 9/11 attacks, Watergate, and the fall of the Berlin. Let’s find out the net worth of Tom Brokaw in 2020.

Early Life & Biography

Tom Brokaw Net Worth 2020

Tom Brokaw was born on February 6, 1940, in South Dakota in the United States and thus he was born with American nationality. Originally, Tom Brokaw was born with the birth name as ‘Thomas John Brokaw’. Tom Brokaw was born to father ‘Anthony Orville’ and mother ‘Eugenia’ who was a post-office clerk by profession. Tom Brokaw has grown up along with his two other siblings ‘Richard’ and ‘Dan’.

Tom Brokaw belongs to mixed ethnicity as he is half Irish and half American. Tom Brokaw’s father has been actively involved in the ‘Army Corps of Engineers’. Later, Tom Brokaw served at the ‘Black Hills Ordnance Depot’. Tom Brokaw did his college from the ‘University of Lowa’. Next, Tom Brokaw attended the ‘University of South Dakota’ with a degree in Political Science.

Personal Life

In the year 1962, Tom Brokaw got hitched to ‘Meredith Lynn Auld’ who was an author by profession, and since then the couple is happily married. The couple happily married with three daughters ‘Sarah’, ‘Jennifer’, and ‘Andrea’.

Career, Awards & Nominations:

Tom Brokaw got his first breakthrough with television where he appeared at KTV.

In the year 1966, Tom Brokaw then served at the NBC News where he began doing live reporting.

In 1973, Tom Brokaw also covered major news as a news correspondent for the White House in the United States. Soon, Brokaw becomes the new host of the news show ‘Today Show’.

After his retirement from the ‘Nightly Show’, he preferred to remain a special correspondent preparing the periodic report for his previous news show. Brokaw has also served at the 2008 presidential election campaign as an NBC analyst.

Soon afterwards, Brokaw has also served at the ‘Council on Foreign Relations’ as a board of director.

Brokaw has also lent his voiceover for the ‘University of Lowa’ where students from all parts of the world came there to listen to his speeches and discussion.

In 2011, Brokaw also appeared in the sports documentary series ‘The Boys in the Hall’ which used to air on ‘Fox Sports Net’.

Tom Brokaw has been bestowed by several awards and nominations such as the ‘Emmy Award’, ‘Sylvanus Thayer Award’, ‘Peabody Award’, and many others over the years of his professional career.

Net Worth & Earnings

Thus, Tom Brokaw is best-known for his great achievements and high potential which has been delivered on his work and projects throughout his professional career with great enthusiasm and passion. In addition to this, Brokaw has also written several books such as the ‘An Album of Memories’, ‘The Time of Our Lives’ and many others. Therefore, the total estimated net worth of Tom Brokaw is about $95 million approximately.

Thus, to conclude we can say that Tom Brokaw has showcased his presence of mind on television with valour and fearless attitude. Brokaw has given some exceptional performance as a new anchor and a News TV reporter which has made him highly popular and famous across the world to a large extent.