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Matt Drudge Net Worth

Matt Drudge Net Worth 2020

Matt Drudge is a famous American journalist and political commentator. He is renowned for creating and editing ‘The Drudge Report.’ Continue reading to find the net worth of Matt Drudge as of 2019.

Early Life & Biography:

Matt Drudge Net Worth 2020

Matt Drudge (Matthew Nathan Drudge) was born on 27th October 1966 in Takoma Park, Maryland, the US. His parents are Democrats who worked for the Federal Government. His father, Robert Drudge, worked as a social worker, and his mother worked for US Senator Ted Kennedy. After his parents divorced when Matt was 6, he lived with his mother. Matt had few friends and liked reading and listening to radio talk-shows. Matt Drudge attended Montgomery Blair High School.

Career, Awards & Nominations:

Matt Drudge worked on odd jobs including 7-Eleven convenience stores’ night counterman, Time-Life’s telemarketing, McDonald’s Manager, New York City’s grocery store’s sales assistant. In 1989, Matt Drudge relocated to Los Angeles and worked in CBS studio’s gift shop. There he worked to become a manager. While on the job, Matt Drudge was motivated to create ‘The Drudge Report,’ his aggregate news site. Around this time in 1994, his father had gifted him a Packard Bell computer.

Initially, Matt emailed news from ‘The Drudge Report’ to his close friends. The collection of news consisted of part gossip and part politics. Later, its popularity got people to post the contents in alt.showbiz. Gossip Usenet forum and newsletter.

In 1996, the contents were shifted from entertainment gossip to political gossip. About this time, Matt Drudge posted Jack Kemp, and Bob Dole would be running as Republican mates in 1996 US Presidential election. Also, Matt first published the news of the Monica Lewinsky case. The contents moved from email to internet for better access. The number of subscribers from 1000 in 1995 jumped to 85,000 in 1997.

Matt Drudge hosted Fox’s Saturday Night television show, ‘Drudge’ (June 1998-November 1999). Since Matt Drudge is anti-abortion, he wished to use the picture of Samuel Armas showing surgery photo. In that picture, there was a tiny hand reaching out from the womb. Matt thought the photo supported his cause against late abortion. According to John Moody of Fox News, the photo showed an emergency operation on fetus for Spinal Bifida. Following the censorship, Matt Drudge left the show.

Matt Drudge hosted the Sunday night talk show over the Premier Radio Networks. This show was also called ‘The Drudge Report’ until 30th September 2007. Also, Matt appeared as guest host with Rush Limbaugh in his conservative radio talk show. In the 2000s, Matt Drudge’s reference was used in radio shows of Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and Mark Levin. Michael Savage thanked Matt Drudge for finding topics for ‘The Savage Nation.’

In 2000, Matt Drudge was the co-author with Julia Phillips of ‘Drudge Manifesto’ that was listed as one of the Best Sellers of the New York Times.

Net Worth & Earnings:

The estimated net worth of Matt Drudge is $160 million. Most of his wealth is earned from his profession as an American political commentator. Matt’s other sources of income came from hosting the television show and radio talk show. Matt Drudge earns from ‘The Drudge Report’ that Andrew Breitbart helped in setting up. Also, Matt Drudge has co-authored his New York Times’ best-seller book called ‘Drudge Manifesto.’

Business 2.0 magazine reported ‘The Drudge Report’ earns $3,500 a day (almost $1.3 million a year) from advertising. The Drudge Report annually earns $800,000. Also, Matt annually earns $1.2 million from the radio show and ‘The Drudge Report.’ When Matt Drudge appeared on C-SPAN, he confirmed he earns over $1 million.

Matt Drudge lived in a one-bedroom apartment in Hollywood. Now, Matt Drudge maintains his website, ‘The Drudge Report’ from two properties in Miami. Also, he monitors multi-television news channels and websites in his home office.