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Jorge Ramos Net Worth

Jorge Ramos Net Worth 2020

After winning many awards, any human would develop a spirit of enquiry regarding Jorge Ramos. He is good in presenting Spanish news to the extent that he has earned the title, The Walter Cronkite of Latin America. Despite being born in Mexico, he is excelling in America. Isn’t that enough hope for immigrants? What about a look at his rise to the top? Here is a quick summary of the net worth of Jorge Ramos in 2020 and more.

Early Life & Biography

Jorge Ramos Net Worth 2020

With the fame of Ramos Jorge, it is hard to guess that he had a humble beginning. Born as Jorge Gilberto Ramos Avalos, his birthplace was Mexico City, Mexico. Having been born on 16th May 1958, this son of an architect is celebrating his 60th birthday today. He did not even grow up in the city. His home was in Bosques de Echegaray.

The hope of many parents is for their children to prosper. Enrolling them in school is often a kick-start. Ramos’ parents were not exceptional. They took him to school. They wouldn’t imagine a better place than Catholic Schools. Ironically, the priests abused him. Then, he joined the Universidad Iberoamerican, Mexico City. He graduated with a major in communication. Later pursued a master’s degree in international studies from the University of Miami, Florida.

Personal Life

After two unsuccessful marriages, Ramos has remained unmarried for over a decade. If I were Jorge, I would have made the exact decision. He must have been excited when he tied the knot with Gina Montaner. The couple welcomed a daughter, Paola in 1988. Two years after her birth, the marriage collapsed. In 1992, he remarried Lisa Bolivar. After a 13-year marriage and a son while together, they divorced.

He has been in other two romantic relationships that didn’t blossom to marriages. One was with Ana de la Reguera a Mexican actress. The other one involves him and Chiquimquira Delgado. She is a Venezuelan actress and TV host and a mother of two. Nevertheless, Jorge Ramos is not their biological father. The relationship has existed since 2011. Whether it will become more than that is something worth waiting.

Career, Awards & Nominations

His first job was at the XEW-TV, Mexico City. He was only 24 years when circumstances made him quit the job. It was after producing a story criticising the government of Mexico that ended up being removed. In search of greener pastures, he left for Los Angeles in 1983. The following year KMEX-TV hired him. He appreciates what the country offered him. Since he did not get it back at his mother country, he did not take it for granted. That is the freedom of the press and that of expression.

Over the years, he has been a host of Mundo Latino, Noticiero Univision, and Al Punto among others. He has covered many occasions and five wars including Salvadoran Civil War and the Persian Gulf War. He has also interviewed the likes of presidents Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, Barack Obama. Hugo Chavez, Daniel Ortega, and Fidel Castro.

Jorge has also written some books.

His great work has earned him eight Emmy Awards. He also received the Maria Moors Cabot Prize. That was in appreciation of his excellence in journalism. According to Times, he was one of The World’s 100 Most Influential People in 2015.

Net Worth & Earnings

Here is the culmination of the article. With all the top-notch jobs, the net worth must be considerable. That is why his net worth of $15 million does not come as a surprise. Did you know that he earns a salary of $3 million? It seems that he found a happy ending, eventually. Since he left Mexico, he gets to speak out his mind and earn a livelihood while at it. He is secretive when it comes to personal assets, cars as well as houses.

No one knows what his life would have turned out to be if he stayed in Mexico. However, I am sure that he never regrets coming to America. He had worked with several television networks, but Univision is the real deal for him.


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