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Don Lemon Net Worth

Don Lemon Net Worth 2020

Don Lemon is a famous American author and journalist. He is the news anchor on CNN channel which is based in the New York City. He is widely known by people in various countries for his way of anchoring and providing information to the audience in the best manner. He also hosts the show, CNN Tonight with which he gained a lot of recognition. If you are interested in checking net worth of Don Lemon in 2020, then you can read this article ahead.

Early Life & Biography

Don Lemon Net Worth 2020

He was born on 1st March in the year 1966 in Baton Rouge in Louisiana. He used to go to Baker High School which was in Baker Town. He has completed Majors in broadcast journalism in Brooklyn College at New York. He also used to go to Louisiana State University. He used to work as a news assistant when he was in New York.

Personal Life

Don Lemon had revealed that he had to face sexual abuse when he was a child and he told about this to his mother when he turned thirty years old. He came out as gay in his memoir ad he has also discussed sexual abuse and the black community. He made a controversial remark on the channel during hosting and then in the year 2015, around thirty thousand signed the petition to get him fired from the channel. On 31st January in the year 2018, his sister died when she was 58 years old. Police revealed that it is a drowning accident.

Career, Awards & Nominations

During early career, he started working as a reporter for WBRC channel in Birmingham in Alabama. He has also worked as an investigative reporter for another channel. He began working as a correspondent for Today channel. In the year 2003, he began working at NBC channel was reporter and co-anchor. In the year 2006, he joined the channel CNN. He is known for his outspoken nature as an anchor. He has got strong opinions regarding all the latest news.

He has been able to receive a number of awards and honors for his work as a news anchor. He has received Emmy award for presenting special report on the topic real estate market. He has also received awards for his reports on the Hurricane Katrina. In the year 2014, he was named as one of the worst journalism of the year. He created controversy by suggesting a rape victim by biting him during oral sex.

Net Worth & Earnings

The net worth of Don Lemon is $4 million which he has earned by being an anchor at news channels, and he has also written many books till now. He wasn’t able to get a break in the CNN channel directly, but he had to work in various other channels at first, but later on, he became experienced and was selected by the CNN channel as a reporter and news host. He is the very famous host because he is always confident and outspoken about his views.

Don Lemon is a famous news anchor who has worked in the famous news channel CNN. He has created a lot of controversies because of his outspoken nature. At once, several people also filed a petition to throw him out of the channel, but nothing happened. He also writes books on the famous topics and has a huge fan following. He has studied journalism during his college time, and he always wanted to be a journalist from an early age. He became able to work in the CNN channel soon after doing work in various other channels.


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