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Ann Curry Net Worth

Ann Curry Net Worth 2020

Ann Curry is a famous American actor, presenter, newscaster, TV personality, TV journalist and photojournalist. Continue reading to find the net worth of Ann Curry as of 2019.

Early Life & Biography:

Ann Curry Net Worth 2020

Ann Curry was born on 19th November in the year 1956 in Guam in the US to Bob Curry and Hiroe Nagase. Bob was of Cherokee, French, German, Scottish and Irish ancestry from Pueblo, Colorado, the USA. Hiroe Nagase was Japanese. The parents had met in Japan occupied by the US during World War II. Bob was a Navy sailor, and Hiroe Nagase was streetcar conductor in Japan. Ann Curry is the eldest of five children who grew up in Japan.

As a child, Ann lived in Japan and studied at Ernest J. King School. This was located on the United States Fleet Activities Sasebo naval base in Sasebo, Nagasaki. Ann relocated to Ashland, Oregon and attended Ashland High School. In 1978, Ann Curfry earned her Bachelor’s degree in Journalism from the University of Oregon.

Personal Life:

Ann Curry and Brian Ross are married, and they have two children named McKenzie and William Walker.

Career, Awards & Nominations:

In 1978, as an intern, Ann Curry started broadcasting for KTLV in Medford, Oregon. She was the first woman news reporter. Ann joined KGW in Portland to report an anchor (1980-1984).

Ann Curry substituted for the news anchor Matt Lauer since 1997. Also, she anchored for NBC’s Dateline (2005-2011). Ann Curry was the co-anchor of Today show (2011-2012). Ann Curry was the National and International reporter and anchor for NBC News and Anchor for Today show (2012). Ann Curry resigned from Today. She joined NBC News as National and International Correspondent/Anchor and Today Anchor at Large. Ann and Brian Williams report and hosts for the NBC’s Nightly News. On 13th January 2015, Ann Curry resigned from NBC News after serving for 25 years.

Ann Curry won two Emmy Awards for her work as a news reporter and anchor between 1984 and 1990.

Net Worth & Earnings:

As of now, the net worth of Ann Curry is $12 million. Most of Ann Curry’s wealth comes from her profession as a journalist. Over the past 30 years, Ann Curry has reported on human suffering and facing war zones and natural calamities. Ann had reported on wars in Afghanistan, Congo, Darfur, Iraq, Israel, Kosovo, Lebanon, Palestine, Syria, the Central African Republic, and others. She reported on 2010s earthquake in Haiti and tsunami in Southeast Asia. Ann Curry used her Twitter to alert aid from humanitarian planes during any catastrophes.

Ann Curry’s average annual income is $2.5 million. Her personal investments are around $7.4 million. She owns two luxury cars (Mini Cooper and Mercedes Benz) worth $0.5 million. Ann Curry lives in a luxurious home she bought in 2016. Her home is in New Canaan town in Fairfield County in Connecticut in the United States. The estimated value of her real estate property is $2.4 million.

Around 2012, Ann Curry established her own multi-platform media start-up. She carried out the important interview with the Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif who discussed Iran’s nuclear tests.


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