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Spike Jonze Net Worth

Spike Jonze Net Worth 2020

Spike Jonze is a moviemaker, actor, and photographer from the United States. His moviemaking work includes being a producer, director, and writer of various series, films, music videos, and commercials. Spike Jonze began working with magazines photographing skateboarding and bike motocross before moving to movie making. You may explore the life, career and net worth of Spike Jonze in 2020 below.

Early Life & Biography:

Spike Jonze Net Worth 2020

The talented Spike Jonze was born as Adam Spiegel in Rockville city in Maryland, United States, on the date of October 22, 1969. His father Arthur Spiegel III was a business minded person who found a consultancy company for healthcare, and his mother Sandy Granzow worked in the public relations sector. Spike Jonze’s father’s family found the catalog and direct marketing company “Spiegel”, and Arthur Spiegel is one of the early Americans who worked as an executive of the film studio.

Spike Jonze’s parents got divorced, and he was mainly raised in Bethesda in Maryland by his mother. He has one brother and one sister, the DJ music producer and director Sam Spiegel and his sister’s name is Julia Spiegel. Spike Jonze completed his schooling from the Walt Whitman High School.

Personal Life:

Spike Jonze has been married and divorced one time. He was married to the screenwriter, producer, and director who’s also a former actress Sofia Coppola from 1999-2003. Following his divorce, Spike Jonze has been into several relationships; he dated the American-South Korean singer-songwriter Karen O, the musician Juliana Hatfield, the actress-director and model Drew Barrymore, actress Michelle Williams and the Japanese actress Rinko Kikuchi.

Career, Awards & Nominations:

During his early career days, Spike Jonze worked in photographing for magazines such as Transworld Skateboarding. He made one of the most influential skate videos which is titled “Video Days”. Spike Jonze is the co-founder of a skateboard firm named Girl Distribution Company which he worked on along with skateboarders Mike Carroll and the Canadian Rick Howard.

Spike Jonze has over 150 award wins and nominations in her credit. His most important award is the Oscars for Best Original Screenplay for the romantic drama movie “Her” which he’s the director of. Spike Jonze has received awards from almost all kinds such as Grammys, Primetime Emmy, Golden Globes, MTV Video Music Awards and many others.

Spike Jonze 2018-2019 work as a producer including comedy mockumentary “Nirvana the Band the Show”, reality series “My House”, another reality TV program titled “It’s Suppertime!” and more of the biography program “Vice Guide to Film”. He has also recently directed a commercial for Apple titled “Welcome Home”.

Net Worth & Earnings:

The moviemaker, actor, and photographer Spike Jonze has an estimated net worth of more than $60 million. His wealth reached 10s of millions from the work he does as a filmmaker and from the company he co-founds Girl Skateboards. The movies that Spike Jonze created made hundreds of millions at the box office.

Spike Jonze is one of the most talented moviemakers in the world. His 2013 movie “Her” won the Oscars which is now one of the greatest awards he received of all time and the movie is one of his tops. Spike Jonze has more than 150 credited roles as a director, producer, actor, and writer. Spike Jonze’s latest confirmed relationship was with Rinko Kikuchi, and he might be single now.


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