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John Lasseter Net Worth

John Lasseter Net Worth 2020

John Lasseter is a film director, animator and a screenwriter from America. He is currently the CEO of Walt Disney Animation as well as the Pixar Animation Studios. He is also the principal advisor for the Walt Disney Imagineering. Keep reading to know more about the net worth of John Lasseter in 2020.

Early Life and Biography

John Lasseter Net Worth 2020

John Allan Lasseter was born in Hollywood, California on 12th January 1957. His father Paul Eual Lasseter worked at a Chevrolet company as a manager and his mother Jewel Mae taught art at the Bell Gardens High School. John has a twin sister Johanna Lasseter who is now a baker.

He loved cartoons and animations since he was a child. He read the book by Bob Thomas, The Art of Animation when he was in high school, and it made him realize what he wanted to do in future. He attained his higher education from the Pepperdine University. He later joined’ CalArts’ in 1975, and he even produced two short animations’ Nightmare’ and’ Lady and the lamp.’

Personal Life

John is married to Nancy Lasseter who is a is a graduate in computer graphics. The couple met in 1985 and started dating. They finally tied the knot in 1988. They have been blessed with five children who are all male.

The family lives a very posh life, and they own a lot of properties including a winery.

Career, Awards, and Nominations

Following the success of the ‘Lady Lamp’, while he was a student, John got a job immediately after graduating from the Walt Disney Productions. While working there, he came up with the idea of making 3D films using a computer. He then teamed up with his friend Glen, and they released ‘Where the Wild Thing Are’.

John was later fired from Disney Studios after his project was canceled by the company citing large investments on the film ‘The Brave Little Toaster’.

He then teamed up with Ed Catmull and Alvy Smith, and they produced ‘ The Adventures of Andre and Wally B’. John befriended various computer scientists, and he learned a lot from them. He finally changed his ideas and started making all computer animations.

Their first computer animation was released in 1995. It was titled ‘Toy Story’. John was hired back to Walt Disney in 2006 after they purchased Pixar. Throughout his career, John has won Academy Awards, Special Achievement award, and Winsor McCay award.

Net Worth and Earnings

The estimated net worth of this personality is $120 Million. This has mainly come from directing and producing films over the years. His wealth may continue to increase further as he is still very active in his career. He has managed to have a very luxurious life owing to his successful career.

John Lasseter love and passion for cartoons and animations drove him to be what he is today. He never let anything or anyone get in his way, and he finally had his dream come true. He put all his effort into his work, and he has made a name in the entertainment industry.