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John Carpenter Net Worth

John Carpenter Net Worth 2020

Are you a fan of horror movies, action and fiction films? If yes, John Carpenter must be a familiar name. John Carpenter who is officially known as John Howard Carpenter is a famous musician, screenwriter, filmmaker, and composer. Carpenter is best known for his roles in multiple horror movies. This article explains the personal life, career, awards and net worth of John Carpenter in 2020.

Early Life & Biography

John Carpenter Net Worth 2020

John Howard Carpenter was born in 1948, 16th January. This American artist was born in Carthage, New York. His mother and father are Milton Jean and Howard Ralph Carpenter, respectively. Ralph was a music professor. They lived in Carthage for a while before they moved to Bowling Green, Kentucky. At a very young age, everyone could tell Carpenter’s interest in filming. In the 1950s he adored many horror movies and films. Before he joined a high school, Ralph had already appeared in short horror films.

Carpenter went to Western Kentucky University. That was the same school that his dad led the music department. He later moved to the University of Southern California’s School of Cinematic Arts. He joined this university in the 1968 but never graduated.

Personal Life

John Carpenter met him-to-be wife Adrienne Barbeau, an actress while they were starring in the 1978 film called Someone’s Watching Me! The couple got married in 1979. Five years later, the couple separated and settled for a divorce. Their marriage led to the birth of a son, John Cody Carpenter. In 1990, John married a producer, Sandy King. Sandy produced most of his films after their marriage. Carpenter is a big fan of video games. He is an atheist.

Career, Awards & Nominations

John Carpenter kicked off his acting career when he was very young. Before high school, he managed to appear in a short film. In 1970 he collaborated with the famous producer, John Longenecker to write edit films. This film was successful and received an Academy Award. His first significant film which he directed was Dark Star. This story was a science fiction comedy. He also starred in the movie.

Everything in Dark Star impressed George Lucas who decided to hire him for the film, Star Wars. He later produced, Assault on Precinct 13. As the years passed, John starred, directed and produced different films. Carpenter also got the opportunity to work with other film celebrities who boosted his growing popularity. His dad influenced his career as a musician. He composed soundtracks for his films and produced singles and albums.

Net Worth & Earnings

John Carpenter net worth is at around $40 million. Carpenter’s net worth has been amassed from the multiple films he has appeared in, directed and produced. Other than acting, he is a famous singer who has composed singles and albums. Most of his movies such as Halloween, The Thing, They Live and others contributed so much to his net worth.

Success is all about the choices we make. John Carpenter has made wise career choices that have taken him to the top. He kicked off low but has worked hard extra hard to achieve his dreams. That is a lesson well learned for all young people who want to make their goals come true.


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