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Harvey Weinstein Net Worth

Harvey Weinstein Net Worth 2020

There are a very few people in each generation the lives of whom becomes the talk of the town. One such personality is former American producer, Harvey Weinstein.

The tale of his life can be easily compared to a roller coaster ride and can be a lesson for life, a topic of discussion, a light of inspiration and motivation, an explosion for criticism, a dream to achieve and what not for others. Now let’s have a close look at the net worth of Harvey Weinstein in 2020.

Early Life & Biography

Harvey Weinstein Net Worth 2020

Harvey Weinstein was born in America on March 19 in 1952 to a diamond cutter, Max Weinstein and Miriam in New York City. His paternal background was Jewish while his maternal grandparents were Polish immigrants. He grew up in a housing co-op called Electchester in New York City. Harvey graduated from John Bowne High School and the University of Buffalo. He commenced his career with his brother Bob Weinstein producing indie films.

Personal Life

Harvey exchanged wedding vows in 1987 with his assistant, Eve Chilton. However, this marriage came to an end after 17 years of togetherness and three children in 2004. He again got married in 2007 to an English fashion designer and actress, Georgina Chapman. They have two kids. Harvey has been blamed for sexual harassment by over 100 women.

Career, Awards, & Nominations

This former producer began his journey by cofounding the Miramax Company with his brother, which produced a variety of independent films. After achieving various successes, they again came up with a new company, i.e., the Weinstein Company. Harvey earned a lot of wealth in his career, and his honor is due to numerous awards and nominations he got in the past before the controversial phase of his life.

In 1999, he won the Oscar Award for ‘Shakespeare in Love’ in the best picture category and was nominated for the same again in 2003 for ‘Gangs of New York.’ Their shows have received 17 nominations for the Primetime Emmy award continuously every year since 2004 in the category of best reality shows. ‘My Week with Marilyn’ was nominated for the Alexander Korda award for the best British film. ‘Shakespeare in Love’ also won the BAFTA award as the best film in 1999 and over the years two of his other movies got nominations for the same.

He also won the Special Jury Prize (2001), BFI fellowship (2002)award, Capri Producer Award (2015), DVD Producer Award (2003), and GLAAD Excellence in Media Award (1998) etc.

Net Worth & Earnings

One can never know what’s in the womb of time and life goes on with various ups and downs, and so has been the case with Harvey as well. He has faced various thick and thins in life and his financial position as well. There was a time when his net worth was estimated above $150 million which has now been unluckily cut down to just $50 million as of 2018. Various obligations have impacted his present financial position, like divorce settlement and regular expenses with his two wives. It includes $5 million as support to his two daughters from his 1st marriage along with a $50,000 a year vacations fund, a camp fund of $100,000 and $500,000 for college.

Apart from that, he owes $15 – $20 million as custody support for his children from his second wife. $1 million was spent on bail in sexual abuse cases. Many more reasons like unprofitable decisions in investments which led to massive losses and his expulsion from the Weinstein company which he co-founded all add up to his misfortune. Despite such a painful downfall in his net worth, Harvey Weinstein is still a wealthy man.

Though Harvey Weinstein’s image is not entirely pure, it cannot be denied that he indeed is a successful personality in the fashion field. What he achieved, that too at quite an early age is something which people die dreaming about. A player in and on money this celebrity had hard times as well, and his married life has not been a success. Still, today’s youth should look up to his success and efforts put in for its achievement.