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Hans Zimmer Net Worth

Hans Zimmer Net Worth 2020

Be it the Dark Night Rises or Inception or the newly released Dunkirk Nolan’s filmography is incomplete without another man whose name resonates everywhere in Hollywood film industry. Hans Zimmer or Hans Florian Zimmer, one of the most distinguished music composers of all time is an asset to the industry for his outstanding work in motion pictures.

Zimmer belongs from Germany and have been working in Hollywood since the late 80’s and till now. Over the years many honorary awards like Grammy, Academy awards and the golden globe has been conferred on him. In the present time, Zimmer is working as the head in film music division for Dream works studio. Here are the complete details about career, biography, and net worth of Hans Zimmer in 2020.

Early Life & Biography

Hans Zimmer Net Worth 2020

Hans was born on 12th September 1957 in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. His father an engineer and mother a housewife who had a great taste in music inspired Zimmer a lot. Zimmer was never a regular child at school but was deeply involved in Piano lessons. After moving to London he attended Hurtwood House School, but his passion for music continued. It is true that since the beginning Hans was a creative child who worshipped music and later made it an identity for himself.

Personal Life

Hans’s first marriage was with Vicki Carolin a famous model then, and their daughter Zoe Zimmer is also a successful model now. But unfortunately the couple got divorced, and Hans started seeing his second wife Suzanne Zimmer with whom he lives in Los Angeles along with three children.

Career, Awards, and Nominations

Hans began his career after he moved to the UK. Initially, he played synthesizer in a band known as Krakatoa, and later became a part of many other musical groups like Buggles, Krisma, Helden and even Mecano. Zimmer also worked in the advertisement field for some time before he got his first opportunity to score in association with Stanley Myers in films like Moonlighting and Insignificance.

Soon he started getting offers from different directors like Barry Levinson for Rain Man, Ridley Scott for Thelma and Louise, and even the offer for Lion King came to him. In this way, Hans became a busy man in the industry and was working with all the top-rated directors. Zimmer’s association with the contemporary legend in Hollywood Christopher Nolan is well known. In most of his films like Inception, The Dark Night Rises, Interstellar, and even Dunkirk Han’s music created magic.

Well, these are not the end but just a prelude. Hans also worked for DC Comics’ superhero movies like Man of Steel Batman vs. Superman, and even Dawn of Justice. Very recently Zimmer composed for a Netflix production ‘The Crown and Planet Earth 2 a documentary.

Hans Zimmer is the proud recipient of several awards in which there are four Grammy Awards, two Golden Globe Awards, 4 Satellite Awards, 3 Saturn Awards, 3 Classical BRIT Awards, 2 WAFCA Awards and many more. He received a Stephen Hawking medal for the film Interstellar in the year 2016.

Net Worth & Earnings

Over the years Zimmer achieved fame by gifting some of his best work. Along with it he also made money and is now an affluent personality. The estimated net worth of Hans Zimmer is $110 million. Nothing much is known about his other assets, but Hans is a well-off man.

One of the finest composers of Hollywood film music Hans Zimmer is a living legend who has created an era of great work. Zimmer’s magic is truly invincible, and there is more to come in the future. From the very beginning of his career in films, Zimmer’s composition is like a character without which the story hardly moves.


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