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Freddie Wong Net Worth

Freddie Wong Net Worth 2020

Nothing works better in life than accepting that we are all of different ethnic groups and embracing our culture background and roots. It feels good when you stand for who you are and make a living from that. Freddie Wong is one of the actors who have learnt this secret and has given it the best. Let’s continue reading to learn more about the net worth of Freddie Wong in 2020.

Early Life & Biography

Freddie Wong Net Worth 2020

Freddie Wong was born on 13th September 1985 in Seattle, Washington. He is the son of Kent Wong and Tuoya Wong and he has a younger brother known as Jimmy Wong. Jimmy Wong is also a well-known actor and YouTuber and has co-starred in Freddie’s web series known as “Video Game High School”. Although his parents are of Chinese descent, Freddie and his brother were born and brought up in America giving them American nationality.

Wong attended Lakeside School that is located in Seattle, Washington. He then later joined University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts and graduated before his career kicked off. Freddie loved acting at an early age and that is what drove him to putting much effort in acting career in school.

Personal Life

Until now, now nothing much is known about his love life and he doesn’t look like he cares about marriage as per now. He has however given a few details of the kind of a wife she would like to marry saying he needs a helpful and cooperative woman who will support him in his career. Though he has been seen with a date in public places, he has never declared about his girlfriend officially. On the other hand, there are a number of his fans who thinks he is gay but nothing has been settled yet.

Career, Awards & Nominations

Although Freddie is an actor, he is well known as a YouTube gamer and he has participated in a number of competitions which he has emerged as a winner. Some of these games include; World Series of Video Games, Guitar Hero 2 among others. He also appeared as a guest during MTV’s “Gamer’s Week” in November 2007. The show was known as “Total Request Live”.

Other than gaming, Freddie has also appeared in a number of videos some of which include; bathroom tie battle, Time Crisis tribute video, hypnotism stunt, Cowboys & Aliens, Crossfire board game and smosh among others.

Net Worth & Earnings

Freddie Wong’s net worth is currently at $7 million. Although he has several money making activities he involved himself in, Wong is best known as a YouTuber and a gamer. At the same time, he works as a co-creator and co-director of a web series famously known as “Video Game High School”.

Freddie Wong has a strong relationship with his family members as they support him and his career very much. Although Jimmy Wong is his younger brother, he attributes much of his success to his brother’s support and calls him his inspiration.


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