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Tom Anderson Net Worth

Tom Anderson Net Worth 2020

If you had embraced the social media between 2005 and 2009, then you are likely to know Myspace at its best. It is a social networking website, and its founder is Tom Anderson. He founded it together with Chris DeWolfe. After its formation, he became not only the president but also the strategic adviser. His reign lasted until 2009. With such a great achievement, how much wealth has he amassed? How has his life been almost a decade since leaving MySpace? Read on for those answers including the actual figure of the net worth of Tom Anderson in 2020.

Early Life & Biography

Tom Anderson Net Worth 2020

Tom was born in 1970 on 8th November as Thomas Anderson. He is the son of an entrepreneur. As a teenager, he lived in San Pasqual High, Escondido. At the age of 14, Anderson was arrested. It seems like the authority had had enough of him. He was a hacker who went by the moniker Lord Flathead. Did you know that he cracked Chase Manhattan Bank’s security? Consequently, he experiences a raid by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

He was once a student at the University of California, Berkeley. His concentration was English and Rhetoric. After that, he joined the Swank bad as its lead singer. Then, he joined the University of California, Los Angeles. He earned a degree in Critical Films Studies.

Personal Life

His love life is a secret. There a no record of even a girlfriend leave alone a wife. Could he be single and unmarried at the age of 47? H is the only person with the answer. Nevertheless, his fans would appreciate if he shared it.

Career, Awards & Nominations

The relationship between DeWolfe and Tom go way back to his first job. At that time, Anderson worked at a digital storage company by the name XDrive. He was not only a product tester but also a copywriter. That was in 2000. It is also the same place where the two met. Unfortunately, the company went bankrupt in 2001.

Subsequently, the duo founded an advertisement company. Its name was ResponseBase, and it practiced direct marketing. The name changed in 2002 to Brad Greenspan’s eUniverse. Its successor was Intermix Media. Under its canopy, Myspace became more popular. That remained the same until the entrance of Facebook as one of the social media platforms.

In 2005, News Corp bought both Intermix Media and Myspace. The value of MySpace was $580 million. Subsequently, Tom Anderson became the president until 2009. In addition to that, he was also the company’s strategic advisor. That same year, he made a cameo appearance on Funny People. As of now, there is no information regarding what he does for a living. He is very active in social media. He showcases his luxurious travels via Instagram.

Net Worth & Earnings

Tom Anderson has a net worth of more than $70 million. That comes as a surprise since he is the founder of Myspace. If you were to consider other founders of social media platforms that are relatively low. However, he hasn’t been part of Myspace since 2009. That is when his tenure as the president of the same ended. That was not his only source of income. Anderson has also ventured into real estate investments.

Looking at Tom Anderson’s life, the seed does not fall far from the tree. He became an entrepreneur just like his father. The fact that he founded Myspace contributed significantly to his face. His presidency at Myspace followed that. He is also an investor of RocketFrog which is a Facebook gambling app. According to him, he is happily retired as of now.