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Todd Wagner Net Worth

Todd Wagner Net Worth 2020

Todd Wagner is an entrepreneur who is well known in the United States as the co-founder of broadcast.com. He is also the chairman and the founder of charity network. He owns several entertainment properties with Mark Cuban that include 2929 entertainment. He has also been involved in philanthropy and has created the Todd Wagner Foundation. In his career, he has executive produced many films. Here is the net worth of Todd Wagner in 2020.

Early Life & Biography

Todd Wagner Net Worth 2020

Todd R. Wagner was born on August 2, 1960, in Gary Indiana. He studied at Merrillville high school. He, later on, joined Indiana University where he became a member of Kappa Sigma Fraternity Beta Theta Chapter. In 1983, he earned his bachelor’s degree and then got his degree in law from the University of Virginia.

Personal Life

When he finished his studies, Wagner became Texas’s licensed CPA and started having his legal career with national films like Hopkins and Sutter and Akin Gump Strauss Hauer and Fiel LLP. He later married Kari Wagner, a noted artist.

Career, Awards & Nominations

Todd Wagner started AudioNet in 1995 along with Mark Cuban. They would broadcast live sports events and radio stations on the internet. He later then became the chief executive officer of the company and expanded the business services.

The company was later renamed to Broadcast.com in the year 1998, and it became public. A year later the company was then sold to Yahoo for $5.7 billion. Cuban and Wagner became billionaires, and other 300 employees became millionaires. Even after selling it, he remained in Yahoo until 2000 when he quit focusing on other things.

After the success of Broadcast.com, they then began to form Wagner/Cuban companies, and this included 2929 productions. They later produced movies that were successful like, Akeelah and the Bee, Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room, The Road and Good Night, and Good Luck.

There are many films that Wagner has executive produced that include The Benefactor, The Jacket, One Last Thing, What Just Happened, Star Search, Fast Track, Black Christmas, The War Within, Godsend, Broken English and Fay Grim.

Todd Wagner has also done many other entertainment ventures. He is the co-owner of a production company called HDNet Films. He also has interests in The Weinstein Company and Lions Gate Entertainment. He also has stakes in Dallas Mavericks and serves on the board of trustees of the American film institute.

Todd Wagner and Mark Cuban won the tribute award in 2006 at the Gotham awards. He was named the social entrepreneur of the year in 2002 by the centre for nonprofit management. He won the 2006 visionary award from the national five stars. He is also the winner of kappa sigma man of the year award. The urban league of Greater Dallas honoured him for the contribution he had in philanthropy.

Net Worth & Earnings

Todd Wagner has a net worth that is estimated to be more than $2 billion. His fortune was made by founding and selling broadcast.com. He not only became a billionaire, but he also made 30 employees millionaires. He also has stakes in many companies and is a member of the board of trustees of the American film institute. He has executive produced many films that have won Oscar awards.

Todd Wagner is considered one of the most popular businessmen in the world. His success came by forming Broadcast.com, which was later purchased by Yahoo and he went on to form 2929 productions. He is also the founder of Todd Wagner foundation and has created a minority technology fund and developer of miracles technology.


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