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Sophia Amoruso Net Worth

Sophia Amoruso Net Worth 2020

Sophie Christian Amoruso is a famous American businesswoman. When she was 22 years old, she started her own online eBay Store which sells clothes and other necessary items. When her online store was successful, she decided to create a nasty gal which is a women’s fashion retailer. In the year 2012, it was named as one of the fastest growing companies buy a magazine. In the year 2016, she was also known as one of the richest women why Forbes magazine. Later on, she also files for bankruptcy because of which her wealth got reduced. To check the net worth of Sophia Amoruso in 2020, you can check out this article.

Early Life & Biography

Sophia Amoruso Net Worth 2020

Sophie was born on 20th April in the year 1984 in San Diego in California. She belongs to Portuguese Italian and Greek descent. During her adolescence, she was diagnosed with depression and ADHD. She had to drop out of the school because of this, and she started homeschooling. She got a job at Subway restaurant when she was a teenager and worked different jobs before starting her own business. Her parents got divorced from each other after her high school, and then she moved to Sacramento in California.

Personal Life

She hasn’t revealed anything much about her personal life because she was away from media and public. She has many female followers, and she has been able to earn money through her hard work and dedication because she doesn’t belong to a rich family and she had to live a struggling adolescent life.

Career, Awards & Nominations

When she was 22, she used to work as a security guard in art university in San Francisco. You decided to open the eBay store which consisted of the huge amount of clothing and other types of items. She sold a book as her first item which she stole when she was a teenager.

She has a huge following of young women on social media, and that’s why have news start increasing, and she began learning 23 million dollars in the year 2011. In the year 2017, she founded Girlboss Media, and she was the CEO of nasty gal, but she decided to step down of opposition in the year 2015. She hasn’t any awards for her work because it was privately owned.

Net worth & Earnings

The net worth of Sophia Amoruso is $330 million which she has accumulated by working as a founder of online retailer store named Nasty Ga. She is an American businesswoman who has worked hard and with full dedication to gain success and huge wealth.

When she was an adult, she had a Nomadic lifestyle, and while she was living in Portland, she was also caught stealing. Later on, she left Portland and decided to go to San Francisco. At that time, she grew a hernia in her groin, and that’s why she had to purchase a lot of medical facilities. She used to attend community college, and at that time she worked at a University.