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Roger Penske Net Worth

Roger Penske Net Worth 2020

Roger Penske is known for his ownership of the Penske Corporation and Team Penske. He is an American entrepreneur who is involved in the automotive-related business. He is also the Corporate Director at General Electric. Here are the complete details about the career, biography and the net worth of Roger Penske in 2020.

Early Life & Biography:

Roger Penske Net Worth 2020

Roger Penske birth took place in Shaker Heights, Ohio, US. His date of birth is February 20, 1937. His father’s name was Jay Penske and mother’s name was Martha Penske. His father worked as an executive for a metal fabrication company. He always encouraged him to become an entrepreneur. Due to his family support, he started developing entrepreneurial skill from an early age. During his teenage Penske bought old cars, repair them and sold them at high profits. He completed his graduation in 1959 from Lehigh University.

Personal Life:

Roger Penske has two marriages in his life. His first marriage was with Lissa. He has two children from his first wife. He later married to Kathy Penske. He has three children from Kathy. Their names are Roger Penske Jr., Jay Penske, Gregory Penske, Mark Penske and daughter Blair Penske. He is a car enthusiast and keen car collector. He is among one of the people who have rare Ferrari FXX. Robert has a collection of extraordinary American and European automobiles.

Career, Awards & Nominations:

Penske started his first professional racing at Marlboro Motor Raceway in Maryland. He was professionally skilled in buying and selling race cars. The man was successful in his business as well as racing. He became a well-known race car driver by 1960s. Penske won NASCAR Pacific Coast Late Model race at Riverside in 1963. He even participated in two of the Formula One Grands Prix. In 1965 he retired as a driver to focus on his Chevrolet dealership.

Penske racing team competed in Indianapolis 500 in 1969. His squad become very successful and won him many matches. He has a NASCAR team and Indy Car Series team with professional drivers. His team includes the world best professional racing drivers. His team first won the Daytona 500 in 2008 and then again in 2015. In 2014, he took a 51% share in Australian V8 Supercars making DJR Team Penske.

Net Worth & Earnings:

How much wealth will an entrepreneur have who has started selling cars and making profits from his teenage? Over the course of his career, he has established himself as one of the leading businessmen in the world. In doing so, he has been successful enough to make a net worth of over $2 billion. There has been a steep increase in his wealth over the past few years. You will be surprised to know that his businesses generate revenues of $26 billion every year.

Roger Penske is a self-made billionaire. He started his career in the car dealership taking a loan of $75,000 credit from his father. Today, his business is a prominent player in the automotive sector. His Team Penske dominates the Professional Motorsport Circuit.