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Rob Ferretti Net Worth

Rob Ferretti Net Worth 2020

Ron Ferretti is one of the present generation entrepreneurs who became famous through his innovative ideas. He was the first one to record street racings and made videos on them. He owns a car rental company well known for renting exclusive and expensive cars. Scroll down to learn more about the life, career, and net worth of Rob Ferretti in 2020.

Early Life & Biography

Rob Ferretti Net Worth 2020

Rob Ferretti was born on September 18, 1980, in New Jersey, the United States. Rob spent his childhood days in Dumont and was interested in gaining information about cars from quite a young age. He completed his schooling in the River High School and enrolled into the Gettysburg College and the Ramapo College but dropped out from both as he was much interested in doing business rather than studies.

Personal Life

Rob married Kim in January 2009, and the couple has a son. There isn’t more information available about his wife, but he often shares pictures with her in the social media. In 2007, Rob was arrested for over speeding and was fined with $250.

Career, Awards & Achievements

In 2003, Rob founded his company Super Speeders. The company was established to cover the world of street racing, and he started to record various street races and the lifestyle of the racers. He compiled them and released his first DVD titled Life After ¼ of Mile, which became a huge hit. Rob, himself was a street racer who owned a highly modified Chevrolet Corvette C5.

He later partnered with Noah Lehman-Haupt and formed Gotham Dream Cars, a car rental company. The company is known for renting highly expensive and exclusive cars which became very successful from the start. The company rents luxury cars such as Aston Martin, Ferrari, and Bentley and has six branches in the United States.

Rob established Ferretti Productions which mainly concentrates on his Super Speeders project. He makes videos for his production on an independent basis and also produces videos for some TV channels and companies.

In 2012, Joseph Meyer killed a man driving one of the cars from Rob’s rental service. Joseph Meyer was accompanied by Rob’s brother Joseph Ferretti, and the incident became a blow in Rob’s business life, and Joseph Meyer was charged for his offense. The incident drew a lot of media attention and became negative publicity for Rob.

Rob also has a YouTube channel which has a very good number of subscribers and over 150 million views.

Net Worth & Earnings

Being a car lover, he owns many luxury and sports cars including Ford GT, Porsche GT3, and Range Rover. He generates a very good fortune through his Gotham Dream Cars and his Ferretti Productions. His current net worth with the establishment of his Gotham Dream Cars in 6 locations in the United States is estimated to be $12.5 million.

Being a drop out from not one but two institutions, Rob is currently a very successful businessman. He could not connect himself well enough with studies as he could connect with cars. He followed his desire, and his desire eventually made a fortune follow him.


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