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Perez Hilton Net Worth

Perez Hilton Net Worth

Being an eminent personality in television, Perez Hilton is also famous as a columnist and blogger. His blog is widely popular as Perezhilton.Com in which he used to cover spicy gossips about celebs. He also posts photographs of celebrities with his own doodles in a tabloid form. Let’s check how much is the net worth of Perez Hilton in 2020.

Early Life

By birth, Hilton is a Cuban, and he was born in Miami on March 23, in 1978. He spent his childhood in little Havana and Westchester in Belen Jesuit. He completed his graduate degree in 1996 and got the scholarship to New York University. He achieved his BFA in drama from prestigious Tisch School of Arts as he wanted to pursue the career as an actor.

Perez Hilton Net Worth 2020


In 2000, Hilton tried his career in acting. Besides, he also worked in the post of Media relation Assistant for 4GBT right organization, GLAAD. He was very passionate about the LGBT community, and he wrote different LGBT journals, and he becomes the managing director of the men’s magazine, “Instinct”. At the beginning of his career Hilton started blogging as his hobby, but after he found the flair for writing in himself, he moved to Los Angeles in 2002.After two years in 2004, he started his blog Perezhilton.Com.

Through his blogs, he used to describe different award functions, which are held in clubs and also private events that he used to attend, along with the photograph with the celebrities. He wrote all the spicy gossips under, “Personality Perez”, column. He has a strong likeness for some of the celebrities, whereas he strongly opposes a few among them.

According to Perez, his blog is entirely different from the others as it deals with the entertaining stories. After he started his blogging on March 11, 2005, it was marked as the ”Hollywood” most hated website by, “The Insider”, and the initial popularity almost ruined. Although Hilton claims that his website has been viewed by 8.82 million viewers in one day. He also promotes his favorite musicians through his blogs.

However, in 2010 he apologized through a video in youtube for his negative criticism about the celebrities, and he promised to view things differently. In the meantime, he set up almost three websites named, Coco. Perez.Com for fashion, Fitperez.Com for fitness and TeddyHilton.com for animal rights.

Apart from this blogging Hilton also wrote a book for children which have been published in 2011, named, “The Boy with Pink Hair”.

Perez Hilton has made his appearance in several films which include, Another Gay Sequel: Gays Gone Wild in 2005, Going down in La La Land in 2011, Most Likely To die in 2015 and much more. His Television appearances are, The Sopranos in 2001, from Flab To Fab in 2004, Pepper Denis in 2006, Much on demand in 2007 to present, in MTV Europe Music award as a co-host, Millionaire Matchmaker In 20014 and so on. He also participated in British reality show, Celebrity big brother in 2015.

Perez has also demonstrated his skill in the field of music, and his first song is known as, “The Clap”, in 2008, the Pussycat Dolls in 2009 and Rihanna in 2011 is worth to mention.

Net worth & Earnings of Perez Hilton

Perez Hilton has got success in his life as a blogger and actor. His estimated net worth is $45 million. He got a hike both in popularity and in his net worth as a gossip blogger. In short, through his blogs Perezhilton.Com he drew 8 million viewers in just 24 hours and his earning per month from the blogs touches $100.000. Besides this, his appearance in television and films make him wealthier. His website has been listed in the first 500 most visited sites, and according to Forbes Web Celeb report, he has ruled the celebrity web world for straight three years with supreme power.

Perez Hilton is a revolution in the world of blogging. He has supported his faith openly in the gay and lesbian relationship, and he is a single gay dad. His sharp negative comments about the celebrities always made him stand in the limelight of controversies, but as a person, his donation and charity in social causes revealed the other sides of his character.