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Mike Morhaime Net Worth

Mike Morhaime Net Worth 2020

Mike Morhaime is a video game developer who serves as the president of Blizzard Entertainment. If you have ever played Warcraft II or World of Warcraft and enjoyed playing the game, then you must appreciate and thank Mike as he is one of the key developers of the game. Being a developer of such a famous game, and enjoying positions as a co-founder and president of such a big company, what will be the amount of fortune, this guy would have managed to the bank? Must have been the question, that has brought you here. So without further delay lets us build up towards the net worth of Mike Morhaime in 2020.

Early Life & Biography

Mike Morhaime Net Worth 2020

Michael Morhaime was born on November 3, 1967. When he was around 12 years old, he bought the Bally Professional Arcade, a video game console along with his siblings. Morhaime explored the console rather than just playing with it. He found that it was programmable and found a way to write games on it. This was the moment that made him develop love towards game writing. He studies Electrical Engineering at the University of California, Los Angeles.

During his studies, he used to concentrate more on the hardware side rather than software. He attended an internship at a microchip company and developed ideas about circuit designs. In 1991, he started a company named Silicon and Synapse along with his friends Allen Adham and Frank Pearce.

Personal Life

There isn’t much information available regarding the personal life of Michael. He is married, and his wife’s name is Amy Chen. He is also a poker enthusiast and has competed in the DICE’s Celebrity Poker Tournament, finishing second behind Ray Muzyka, the CEO of BioWare.

Career, Awards & Nominations

Silicon & Synapse initially created game ports for other companies before embarking with their own games such as Rock n’ Roll Racing and The Lost Vikings. In 1994, they decided to change the company’s name to Chaos Studio, Inc which was later changed into Blizzard Entertainment.

The company released Warcraft II in 1995, which became their best selling game at that time. It was the first game that had a great interface and created an overwhelming experience, playing online. In 2004, they planned to release World of Warcraft with a subscription fee to play the game online. Morhaime thought that this would not be welcomed by the consumers as they would not opt to play a game online when there are so many games to play for free.

Surprisingly, the game was very well received by the audience, and many orders were placed exceeding the company’s estimated numbers. Morhaime once said that they were very much surprised with the result and they had to scramble in order to meet the demand for orders placed.

Mike won the 59th Annual Technology & Engineering Emmy Awards for World of Warcraft in 2008. He was honoured with the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award in 2012 and was inducted into the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences’ Hall of Fame in 2012.

Net Worth & Earnings

His growth as a successful entrepreneur with the Blizzard Entertainment and the sales of the games developed by his company has amassed a great fortune to him. The success of the World of Warcraft which has an approximate number of over 11 million subscribers all over the globe has contributed greatly to the revenue of his company as well as him. As of now, his net worth is estimated to be $2 billion.

Apart from his post as the President of the Blizzard Entertainment, Mike also plays the bass guitar for the band ETC which constitutes members of the Blizzard Entertainment. Though Mike enjoys a very big position in his company, he is said to be very humble and polite which is the main reason for his successful career.


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