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Marissa Hermer Net Worth

Marissa Hermer Net Worth

Marissa Hermer is an entrepreneur from the United States. She runs her own family business which is an entertainment, food and beverage business. The business is based in London and is known as ‘Ignite Group’. Hermer has also launched many fashion brands, nightlife brands, luxury, and restaurant. In 2017, she appeared in the YouTube channel of Meg Resnikoff. Here is a quick summary of net worth Larissa Hermer in 2020, career and earnings.

Early Life & Biography:

Marissa Hermer Net Worth 2020

Marissa Hermer was born on 30 December 1981, in Laguna Beach, California. She spent her childhood in Newport Beach. She grew up on her grandmother’s farm where she used to catch fish and had her own family garden.

After completing her high school, she went to Vermont’s Middlebury College to earn her bachelor’s degree. Following that, she moved to London for a career in public relations.

In 2010, Marissa Hermer got married to Matt Hermer, who is a nightclub owner. The couple has two sons named Max and Jake, and also a daughter named Sadie Hermer. She is very passionate about cooking and her husband is from England. She was also previously married to Andrew Silverman.

Career, Awards & Nominations:

After completing her graduation, she has worked both in London and in New York. She has got many years of experience in different fields. In London, Marissa Hermer ventured on a career in lifestyle and fashion publicity.

She has launched many nightclub brands and luxury hotels for entrepreneur Ian Schrager. In there, she has worked for Syndicate Media Group and Nadine Johnson.

She later joined her family business called ‘The Ignite Group’. The company is based in London and is a beverage, food as well as entertainment corporation. Later, she launched her own cookbook entitled ‘An American Girl in London’.

Marissa has also launched Top Dog in London, which is a first-class restaurant. In there, she makes hot dogs, shakes, and fries combining British and American ingredients. The restaurant was started in 2015. She has launched many personal brands to expand her business.

Additionally, Marissa Hermer has appeared in the television show called ‘Ladies of London’ on Bravo TV.

Awards & Achievements

Marissa Hermer hasn’t received an award yet. Her biggest career feat is to be a successful businessperson. She is still young and has got all the potential to win an award someday in the near future.

Net Worth & Earnings:

The estimated net worth of Marissa Hermer is more than $25 million. The multi-talented lady made this net worth by venturing into many professions. She has created many brands for herself and has also launched hotels for other business people. She has also appeared on television and has released a book. She is experienced in public relations, which helped her to have a successful career.

Marissa Hermer is a very successful entrepreneur. She has done a number of endeavors in her career. Right from launching to book and appearing in television, she made quite an impression for herself. She has been an inspirational woman who has taught others how to become successful.


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