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Lewis Howes Net Worth

Lewis Howes Net Worth 2020

Lewis Howes is an American Based Entrepreneur, Author and Football player. He is also known for hosting a show “The School of Greatness” a talk show, speeded as a podcast. He is the head on the advisory board of Pencils of Promise which is a non-profit organization. He has many followers on the social platforms. To know more about the net worth of Lewis Howes in the year 2019, keep reading this article.

Early life and Biography

Lewis Howes Net Worth 2020

Lewis Howes took birth on March 16, 1983, in Delaware, Ohio. He belongs to North American Background. His father was an insurance broker and mother was a housewife. In his earlier day, one of his elder brother was sent to jail because he was found guilty for selling drugs. His sister was an alcoholic.

He completed his studies well, even after no interest in the studies. Lewis got placed in a special class, and school was a problem for him. He went to Principia College for his graduation. His interest in Football started in school time only.

Personal Life

Lewis Howes is one of the tallest players in America with a height of 6”4’ and weighs around 100kgs. Lewis has given his hundred percent in both Game and Business and never indulged in any controversies or any rumors.

He likes to keep his relationships private and has never shared anything about his affair or personal life in public interviews. There may be chances for him that he is single and planning for a marriage. All the followers and fans of Lewis are waiting for the announcement by him on his relationship status.

Career, Awards, and Nominations

His interest in football began during his school. After that, he became a member of all American Football player. He holds the NCSS record for most receiving yards in one game in the year 2002. He left his college early to play for the professional football. During a game, he broke his wrist while playing football for his Arena League. Although, he completed that league with a broken wrist.

Later, after surgery, he had to end his football career. After ending from football, he started his business career by starting a consulting firm for the industry of sports called “SportsNetworker”. He has created this business so huge that now it is a multimillion-dollar company.

Net worth and Earnings

Lewis Howes is a perfect example of looks with the brain. He has all the sexy looks with a multimillion dollar business and a history in football. His estimated total net worth is $12.5 million. His career in football and his SportsNetworker firm have contributed so much to the creation of this wealth.

Lewis Howes is a successful businessman and a smart football player who has contributed in many winnings of his team. Now he plays Handball game for The United States Men’s National Team after stop playing with New York Team Handball Club. His business is growing day by day. Lewis is active on social media and has more than 137K followers on Twitter.


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