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Kimbal Musk Net Worth

Kimbal Musk Net Worth 2020

Kimbal Musk is an American restaurateur, philanthropist, and entrepreneur. Many people know him because of his work in ensuring that Americans get access to real food. Due to this reason, many people cite him as a global social entrepreneur. Due to his work, many people consider him as being the founding father of the modern food movement.

He is one of the peoples who are working hard to ensure that they change food in America. Through his Big Green project, he has built many outdoor classrooms in schoolyards referred to as Learning Gardens. He is also one of the founders of an urban farming accelerator known as Square Roots, situated in Brooklyn. You may explore in details below the life, career and net worth of Kimbal Musk in 2020.

Early Life & Biography:

Kimbal Musk Net Worth 2020

He was born in 1972 in South Africa. He was raised together with his brother Elon and their sister Tosca. They were also living with several cousins of theirs in a big and ambitious household. His father had an engineering practice, and his mother was a dietician known by many. He joined his brother in Kingston, Ontario after he finished his high school to do business studies at Queens University. He got his first job at Scotia bank when he was still in school. In 1995, he completed his university studies.

Personal Life:

Musk has been married twice. He first married Jen Lewin, an architect who had three children with, by the time they were divorcing. Later, he married Christiana Wyly, who is an entrepreneur like him. The two lives in a town called Boulder in Colorado.

Career, Awards & Nominations:

His first entrepreneurship job was painting business which used to paint residential houses in 1995. In the same year, he joined hands with his brother Elon, and they opened up a second company, Zip2. It was sold in 1999 and Musk became a software and technology investor. He invested in X.com, which was an online financial service provider and a bank.

In 2000, Confinity, another company, decided to merge with X.com. They decided to do away with all another service to only specialize in PayPal money services. After one year, eBay decided to acquire X.com for $1.5 billion in stock. This was a huge profit for him. He decided to join the French Culinary Institute where he studied culinary art. After his graduation, he joined hands with his wife, and they opened a restaurant in Boulder.

He later expanded his business to other towns. The restaurant focused on providing real simple food. In 2006 he became OneRiot, Inc CEO and left in 2011. In 2017, he launched Square Roots Urban Growers.

In 2017, Fast Company Magazine named him as one of the most creative businessmen. He was nominated as the Social Entrepreneur of the year 2017 by Schwab Foundation.

Net Worth & Earnings:

Kimbal has earned so much money through his hard work. He is well known for his entrepreneur skills which he maximally utilizes whenever an opportunity presents itself. He knows where to invest and when to do so. His total net worth is approximated to be $1.5 billion. This is earned from several profitable business ventures that he owns.

Kimbal is a businessman who has earned his money through investing in businesses and managing them efficiently to ensure that they give maximum returns. He uses the skills he gains from school and puts them into practice. Currently, he owns a number of restaurants which gives him a lot of returns, hence continuing to increase his wealth.


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