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Joshua Kushner Net Worth

Joshua Kushner Net Worth 2020

Joshua Kushner is a prominent entrepreneur and is in family terms with Donald Trump’s. He is Thrive Capital’s partner as well as its founder. He was also Oscar Health’s co-founder. There is a lot to know about the famous personality Joshua Kushner. To know more about the net worth of Joshua Kushner in 2020, read the following article.

Early Life & Biography

Joshua Kushner Net Worth 2020

Joshua Kushner belonged to the Jewish religion and was brought up in Livingston, New Jersey. He had completed his schooling and graduation from Harvard University by the year 2011. However, he was not excellent in academics but was hard working and passionate. His father Charles Kushner is a wealthy businessman who had made great efforts to make his son reach success.

Personal Life

Joshua Kushner was born on 12th June 1985 and has earned huge fame for his family and himself. Since 2012, Joshua Kushner and Karlie Kloss have been dating each other and a huge supporter of March for Our Lives.

Career Awards & Nominations

Joshua Kushner wasn’t able to do much till graduation, but years after completing his graduation, he became a co-founder of Unithrive. In the year 2009, he founded a new venture firm, Thrive Capital whose worth at that time was $750 million. Thrive Capital became so successful that it was capable of raising several capital funds. Apart from Thrive, Thrive II, Thrive III, Thrive IV was also able to raise millions of dollars as funds.

Since we all know that he was Oscar’s co-founder in 2012 and by 2016, its worth was about $2.5 billion. Soon Oscar was counted among the most innovative start-ups and ranked in Top 40 Healthcare institutions.

In the course of time, he founded a new company with his brother and friend, named Cadre which was specially designed for different types of clients so that they can easily invest their money in real estate. Joshua Kushner was also seen in Vanity fairs Next Establishment.

Net Worth and Earnings

Joshua Kushner has earned a huge amount in the years of his career. He has founded a prominent firm, Oscar health which is well known to people. Currently, his net worth is $900 million which he mainly earned from his business.

Apart from his venture, he has many more businesses inclusive of his own properties which are still adding to his current net worth.

Joshua Kushner is a star icon for many entrepreneurs as he had enough money still he decided to work and earn money for himself. Since the starting Joshua Kushner has become a very impressive model as he has more to do for himself even though he has done so much for himself and his family.

He has designed new and innovative ways to achieve success in life and still go further in that. From here we get to know where hard work and determination takes a common man. Even though he was not common for us all but still decided to live that life.

We are really happy to know so much about this great man and from the bottom of our heart we want him to achieve success.


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