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Jimmy Wales Net Worth

Jimmy Wales Net Worth 2020

Wikipedia is a familiar encyclopedia that a lot of people visit. It is in this online site that you check out famous people and their journey to success. Jimmy Wales is the great internet entrepreneur behind this encyclopedia. Jimmy Wales born as Jimmy Donal Wales is a famous American celebrity who is an internet entrepreneur. He is best known for founding the famous non-profit reference known as Wikipedia. Learn more about the career, life and most importantly the net worth of Jimmy Wales in 2020 by reading through this article. Read on!

Early Life & Biography

Jimmy Wales Net Worth 2020

Jimmy Donal Wales came into the world in 1966, 7th August. His place of birth was Huntsville, Alabama in the United States. His moniker is Jimbo. His mother and father are Doris Ann Wales, and Jimmy Wales Sr. Doris ran a small school while Jimmy worked as a store manager of a grocery. Wales lived with his three siblings, and they all took their early classes in their mother’s private school.

Throughout his childhood, Wales lived studying. When he was three years old, Doris brought an Encyclopedia book home. Jimmy made the encyclopedia his reference book. However, he noticed a lot was missing from the book.

Jimmy later joined Randolph School where he graduated at the age of sixteen years. He later joined the University of Alabama to pursue a bachelor’s degree in finance. He left the University with a master’s degree. Wales then entered Indiana University to do a Ph.D. in finance. While studying in Alabama, he was a big fan of Internet games. He also taught in both the Alabama University and Indiana University.

Personal Life

Jimmy Wales tied the knot at the age of twenty with Pamela Green. They two ended their relationship in 1993. He then met Christine Rohan, a trader. They later got married in 1997, Monroe County. The couple welcomed a daughter but later separated. In 2012, he tied the knot with Kate Garvey. The couple has two lovely daughters. Currently, he resides in London.

Career, Awards & Nominations

In 1994, Jimmy started working with a trading firm, Options Associates in Chicago. Due to his internet addiction, he left the firm to become a full-time internet entrepreneur. In 1996, together with other partners, they founded Bomis. With the money from Bomis, Wales founded a free encyclopedia, Nupedia. They launched in 2000.

Wales joined with his friend Sanger to make Wikipedia. To their surprise, Wikipedia was overgrowing than Nupedia. In 2002, Bomis quit funding the Wikipedia and Nupedia project. In 2003, Jimmy set up a non-profit organization, Wikimedia Foundation. He ran the organization as the chairman for three years.

Net Worth & Earnings

What would you expect to be the net worth of the co-founder of the famous Wikipedia encyclopedia? Jimmy Wales has a net worth of $12 million. Jimmy amassed this much net worth from his work as a finance manager and internet entrepreneur. He is the current chair emeritus of Wikimedia Foundation and the president of Wikia Inc. He has also received numerous awards and titles thanks to his incredible work. With these sources of wealth, this amount is more than possible.

Dreams are valid and achievable. Jimmy Wales’ interest in online encyclopedia kicked off when he was three years old. That was after he noticed the written encyclopedia missed a lot of information. From there, he builds a career. Even though he studied financial management, Jimmy quit the occupation to achieve his dreams. He has faced a lot of problems in developing his online encyclopedia. However, he remained focused and determined to fulfill his goals.


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