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Dennis Hof Net Worth

Dennis Hof Net Worth 2020

Dennis Hof is a renowned American entrepreneur, author, actor, politician, and restaurateur. He is infamous for the owner of seven legal brothels in Nevada. The Moonlite BunnyRanch is his popular brothels. He is also a bestselling author and invited to give lectures in several universities and colleges. Let’s find out how much net worth of Dennis Hof is in 2020.

Early Life & Biography

Dennis Hof Net Worth 2020

Dennis Hof was born in the year 1946, October 14. His place of birth is in Phoenix, Arizona, U.S. He is the president of Nevada Brothel Owner’s Association. Nevada laws banned brothel advertising, despite this Hof maintains a high profile to create publicity for his brothel. He was the star of the HBO series Cathouse. He is the bestselling author of his autobiography. He is the first person who legalizes the prostitution in Nevada.

Personal Life

In early 2008, for the first time, Hof revealed that he dates only prostitutes in Cathouse: The Musical. As per his documentary series, he keeps many relationships with his employee. Hof had a romantic relationship with his employee and adult film star Sunset Thomas. Moreover, He engaged to Heidi Fleiss in 2009. But each of his relationships has broken up due to his disloyalty. One of his close friends is Tucker Carlson, who is a Fox News anchor. Once Hof said that he communicates Tucker daily to give creative ideas for his shows.

Career, Award & Nominations

His career as an entrepreneur started when he purchase The Moonlite BunnyRanch in 1992 and remodel it, which was established in the year 1955. Then successfully his career runs in the business path. After that, he purchases his second brothel “Kitty’s” and renamed it “The Love Ranch North,” which was located in Lyon County, Nevada. Consequently, he owned five more brothels in Nevada.

Whether other brothel owners maintain the low profile, Hof maintains the high profile for the publicity of his brothels despite the laws of Nevada banned brothel advertising. He has also offered his services for soldiers returning from duty. Now he recognized in America as the owner of 7 legal brothels owner in Nevada and successfully run a dating website.

Hof was the feature in the lead role of HBO series Cathouse, which was broadcast from 2002 to 2014. He also produced a Showtime series “Working Girls in Bed”. He also appears in many talk shows such as The Today Show, Fox News, The View, Howard Stem, & many others.

In early 2001, New Yorker magazine published an 11-page article “American Pimp” by Rebecca Mead. Hof released his first book and his autobiography “The Art of the Pimp” in March 2005. This book was enrolling him in bestselling authors list. Hof has lectured at Oxford University in London, Sorbonne University in France and Trinity College in Ireland. In the year 2015, He joined the Libertarian party. After that, he changed to the Republican Party in 2016 and became a Trump republican.

Net Worth & Earnings

How much net worth can you expect from a successful American entrepreneur, Actor, Politician and bestselling author? Well, the net worth of Dennis Hof is $22 million. The primary source of his earning is the 7 legal brothels and his website. He is a well-known actor and receives from his acting. His part of the income generates from his published autobiography book.

In that era, when people negatively consider the prostitution, Hof maintains a high profile in this business while other keep the low profile. Due to his awareness, the Nevada laws legalized the prostitution statewide. Now he is one of the successful entrepreneur and politician and gets so much love from the people of America.