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Dean Kamen Net Worth

Dean Kamen Net Worth 2020

Well known American Engineer, Entrepreneur, and Inventor, Dean Kamen is known for his invention Segway and founding FIRST along with Woodie Flowers. He became a successful inventor when he invented the first drug infusion pump and started a company to manufacture these pumps. He has also worked hard for the project of an insulin pump and Stirling engine designs. Let’s find out about the Net worth of Dean Kamen in 2020 in this article along with his life achievements and inventions.

Early life and Biography

Dean Kamen Net Worth 2020

He was born on 5th April to a Jewish family in Long Island, New York where he attended Worchester Polytechnic Institute. He dropped out of college before completing his graduation and then after five years; he researched Insulin pump Auto syringe. He is the son of Jack Kamen who was an illustrator for Mad.

Personal life

He lives at hexagonal, shed style mansion in the West wind which is located in Bedford, New Hampshire which lies outside Manchester. His house has four different levels and is considered as a luxurious home by everyone who sees it. He has a collection of vintage wheelchairs, spiral staircases and also has one secret passage in his home. He also owns an EmbraerPhenom 300 Jet aircraft and a three Enstrom helicopter. He has company DEKA which creates intricate mechanical gifts for him many times.

Career, Awards & Nominations

In his career, he has won many awards till now and was elected for National Academy of Engineering in the year 1997 for his famous biomedical devices. He made engineering popular in high schools and was awarded 5th Annual Heinz Award in the year 1999. In the year 2000, he received the National Medal of Technology. Then in the year 2002, he was awarded the Lemelson-MIT prize for inventors.

In the year 2003, he was named runner-up for the coolest invention of the year 2003 for a cheap portable water purification system. In the year 2006, he has also won Global Humanitarian Action Award by the United Nations. He received the degree of Doctor of Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in the year 1997. There are more awards and degrees which he received for his inventions and studies respectively.

Net Worth & Earnings

He has managed to earn net worth of $550 million due to his companies named FIRST and Auto syringe. He has also invented various products till now which has made him so rich. He has worked on Slingshot which is a water purifying system, and he also hopes that his project would work in all countries. Not only this, he is the co-inventor of compressed air device which can launch a human into the air.

Dean Kamen is a rich person, and he has managed to earn a lot of money due to his new inventions of machines which have proven useful for humans. He owns various companies which manufacture his own inventions. He lives in a large mansion which is quite luxurious, and he is an inspiration for students who want to become a scientist and inventor in their life.

Science has proven boon to him as it made him become one of the richest persons of the world. It is not known anything about his wife or girlfriend till now as he keeps his personal life to himself only.