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Dana White Net Worth

Dana White Net Worth 2020

Dana White is an American sports promoter and an entrepreneur. He is mostly known for being the current President of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, a mixed martial arts organization. Under the guidance of Dana White UFC reached the position of a successful multi billion-dollar enterprise in the world.

He got significant attention from media when he had a controversy with ex- UFC heavyweight and lightweight champion Randy Couture. Here is a quick summary of net worth, career and earnings of Dana White in 2020.

Early life and Biography

Dana White Net Worth 2020

Dana White, full name, Dana Frederick White Jr. is of Irish descent and was born on 28th July 1969, in Manchester, Connecticut, United States. He is the son of Dana White and June. For a significant part of his childhood, Dana White and his sister Kelly were raised by his maternal family and his mother. He is a huge fan of the baseball team, ‘Boston Red Sox’ and spent much of his youth involved in sports.

He went to the University of Massachusetts Boston, though he didn’t obtain a degree. He started boxing at the age of 17. While he was in University, he inaugurated a boxing program for curious youths in the inner-city. He also organized aerobics classes in some gyms of Las Vegas to earn. In 1987, Dana White completed his graduation from Hermon High School in Maine.

Personal life

Dana White is an atheist. Dana’s mother wrote a biography of Dana White in 2011. She said about Dana that he is hubristic, self-seeking, egoistic, and cruel. On 8th November 1996, Dana exchanged wedding vows with Anne. They were dating since their high school. They are proud parents of four children. Dana was diagnosed with a neurological disorder called Ménière’s disease in May 2012.

Career, Awards, and Nominations

In 1992, Dana White was managing fighters, Tito Ortiz and Chuck Lidell. At the same time, he initiated “Dana White Enterprises” in Las Vegas. While working as a manager there he found that Semaphore Entertainment Group was seeking to sell the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Dana White contacted Lorenzo Fertitta, his childhood friend and an ex-commissioner of the Nevada State Athletic Commission, as well as an executive at Station Casinos. Lorenzo quickly realized the profits they could have, and immediately involved his older brother and made an agreement to buy UFC.

In January 2001, Fertitta’s brother bought the UFC, endowed $2 million to take ownership of 81%. They appointed Dana White as the president, with an ownership of 9%. In July 2016, UFC was sold to WME-IMG.

Dana has been praised by many awards that include the Patriot Award, Nevada Sportsman of the Year (2009), World MMA Awards: “Leading Man of the Year” six times from 2010 to 2015 continuously and the Wrestling Observer Newsletter Award.

Net Worth & Earnings:

As of 2020, Dana White’s total estimated net worth is $650 million. His primary source of income is UFC and being a stakeholder of 9% in Zuffa is adding stars to his earnings. He has an estimated annual income of $20 million. Since 2001, his total salary in UFC is over $142 million. He is the owner of four houses of worth $121 million. List of his cars is quite extensive with eleven most exclusive and luxurious cars of the world worth $3 Million. Dana’s collection of vehicles include Porsche, Mercedes Benz, Aston Martin, and Range Rover.

Dana White is one of the self-made men. His way to progress towards success from an ordinary gym trainer to the president of UFC is admirable, and indeed it is a sign of smart work plus hard work. He is so ardent towards sports that in 2011, he donated $100,000 to his high school to improve the athletic facilities.


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