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Caroline Stanbury Net Worth

Caroline Stanbury Net Worth 2020

Caroline Stanbury is a name famous in the field of English television and business. She is also a pro fashion blogger running her own business of styling and interior designs. You can club it all as a businesswoman, socialite and fashion enthusiast in Caroline. It is highly impressive how all these qualities are packed together in one woman. Keep reading to know more about the life, career and net worth of Caroline Stanbury in 2020.

Early Life & Biography

Caroline Stanbury Net Worth 2020

Born on the 28th of April, 1976, in London, she is English by nationality. Anthony and Elizabeth Stanbury are her parents. Caroline Alice Stanbury is her birth name. She’s almost 41 now. She was sent to Westonbirt Boarding School for studies in Gloucestershire. She didn’t opt for higher studies and instead started working towards her passion. She was highly interested in fashion and also wished to act.

She was raised with three more siblings, and all of them had a much-disciplined childhood. Her family had connections with the higher society and the royals too. She belongs to an influential family. Her mother was a businesswoman trading cashmere knitwear. Her father worked as the MD of Jaeger, a high-end fashion group.

Personal Life

She has been a beautiful woman since her teenage years. So, many guys and men were interested in her. She dated Prince Andrew once and even Hugh Grant. Finally, she got married in 2004 to Cem Habib, a Turkish financer. They dated for a long time before deciding to live their lives together. Yasmine, Aaron, Zack are their children.

Career, Awards & Nominations

Her career started as a public relations professional who helped her to grow connections with the elites of the English society. She then went on to open her own online business named “The Gift Library of Caroline Stanbury” which is a good selling company for gifting or personal purpose. It was a success which led her to expand it and capture the wedding market and set up “The Wedding Shop.” The celebrities love her designs and ideas. She also works as a lifestyle blogger and personal stylist to celebrities.

She also has excellent skills in interior designing and decorations. Currently, she lives with her family in Dubai. Apart from all these, she is more famous for role in the popular TV series of Bravo known as “Ladies of London.” This series is more like the “Real Housewives” as it shows the life of London’s seven high-profile women. She is a socialite owing it to her family and their relations with the celebs and the royals as well.

Net Worth & Earnings

She is also known as the ‘Queen Bee’ of the world of reality. She has a net worth of $35 million of which mostly is due to her varied career as an entrepreneur, reality star, and designer. Her lavish lifestyle is taken care of by her successful career. Also, her husband being a billionaire makes it easier for her family to retain their status throughout life.

Her choice of career was not, but she achieved her position as a successful woman. Her story would inspire all the aspiring and hardworking female entrepreneurs.


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