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Ben Pasternak Net Worth

Ben Pasternak Net Worth 2020

Benjamin Pasternak is the co-founder of American technology and a social media company Monkey, which was later acquired by Holla Inc. His career started back in high school in Sydney after he created two games, ‘Impossible Dial’ and ‘Impossible Rush.’ Ben has been known to be the youngest person that received a round of venture capital in technology. When he received the above recognition, he was only 15 years old. Keep reading to learn more on the net worth of Ben Pasternak in 2020.

Early Life & Biography

Ben Pasternak Net Worth 2020

Benjamin was born in 1999 on September 6th in Sidney to Anna Pasternak and Mark Pasternak. He grew up in Vaucluse which is in New South Wales, and he grew up in a Jewish Family. He schooled in Moriah College and later joined Reddam House in Bondi, New South Wales. He never completed high school, and he dropped out in tenth grade.

He finished developing his first app, ‘Impossible Rush’ as a result of feeling bored in class. His second game ‘Impossible Dial’ received millions of downloads and were trending at the number in various countries.

Personal Life

Ben personal life has remained a mystery. He is yet to get married or even have children. It is unclear if he is dating, but we can assume since he is still young, he may be thinking of dating in the coming years. Keep it here to learn on any new developments regarding his personal life.

Career, Awards & Nominations

When Ben reached fourteen years old that was the time when he developed ‘Impossible Rush’ as a result of boredom in class. He shared with an online friend about the idea. The online friend was Austin Valleskey, who worked as an iOS engineer from Chicago.

Together, they finished creating the game in a matter of hours. They sold the game to Carlos Fajardo who got to launch the game on their behalf. The game amassed millions of downloads and it peaked at position 16 on US App Store. The game went on to overtake Tinder and Twitter on App Store top charts.

In 2015, the game that followed was Impossible Dial, and it was made through a collective effort with Tamir Triguboff and was sold for $85,000. This game peaked at position 31 on US App Store. In addition to the two games, he has created a social networking app, Flogg where young people can buy and at the same time sell. The app got to be launched in 2016 and was followed by a video chat app ‘Monkey.’

Net Worth & Earnings

Ben Net worth is over $4.5 million. The wealth has come from various apps that he has developed. The apps include Impossible Rush and also Impossible Dial. The Monkey, which was launched in 2016 is doing very well in the market hence his net worth is for sure going to rise.

There is no doubt that Ben has a lot to boast about at his young age. However, despite making millions of money, he has never forgotten his childhood friends, and it’s very normal to see him hanging out with his friends.


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