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Aaron Marino Net Worth

Aaron Marino Net Worth 2020

Aaron Marino is a famous Entrepreneur and YouTuber. Marino also deals with the fitness, lifestyle of the expert Men and popular personality of America. He is mostly known for his name alpha m and founded image consulting with the same name. Moreover, he also worked in the clothing field of M. Apparel and also renamed himself as ‘I Am Alpha M Brand’.

Later, he also published own written e-book with the title the Male style guide. His YouTube channel has been reached more than 3 million subscribers with millions of views in his single posts. Keep reading to know more about the net worth of Aaron Mario in 2020.

Early Life and Biography

Aaron Marino Net Worth 2020

Aaron Marino was born on May 19, 1976, in the United States. His nationality is American and having a height of 5feet 6 inches. He has received the graduation degree from West Virginia University and also visited Atlanta, Georgia. His love in hairstyle is always unique, and the way of wearing clothes is almost different from others.

He didn’t have the good family condition, he himself cuts his hair at the age of 6. Later, he started cutting hairs of neighbour children’s and earns $5 for cutting haircuts of 15 children’s, and the collected money is used by him to pay the school fees.

Personal Life

Aaron was married to Tracey Woodard in the year 2007, and their relationship seems to be secret with less information revealed in the social media.

Career, Awards, and Nominations

Marino began his career while working in the nutrition store of his friend. After working few years, he left the work as his parents are also involved in selling drugs there. After, he moved to Atlanta and joins fitness point and started providing services as a personal trainer.

He became popular there and started dealing with the men’s styles. Later, he owned Pete and Pedro Company and dealt with the men’s hairstyles. With the unique styles and products, he served their accurate style for the males which suits them. While providing services, he started operating YouTube channel with the name Alpha M and started providing videos based on Hairstyles in 2008.

He almost did too much hard work but didn’t receive a proper response from the people and not so successful in his idea. Later, he started posting five videos in a single week and got named in the field and also started his own website where he shares the content about the work. Later, he also worked as an investor in the real-estate guru and Shark Tank.

He contracted with the 10% of the share but didn’t get too much profit while promoting him and finally decided to leave his partnership. After struggling for several years, he has uploaded about 3k videos in his YouTube channel and also received a response from the people. Recently, he is planning to launch his new company related to skin care Tiege Hanley.

Net Worth and Earnings

Aaron Marino has made estimated net worth of $4 million. His earning has been generated from the work that he started while joining as fitness point and providing services to men as a personal trainer. Later, he started providing hair styling to the males and earned a great income from the business. His earnings from the YouTube is also calculated in this amount and helped him to receive millions of dollars annually.

Marino is famous for his YouTube channel where he provided services to the males related to his work of styles. He belongs to the poor family and pays his school fees while cutting hairs of children’s. Moreover, he made himself stand on the great platform which he deserves.