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Paul Mooney Net Worth

Paul Mooney Net Worth 2020

Paul Mooney is a famous comedian, actor as well as a writer from the United States of America. He earned a lot of popularity for his role and performances in the sketch comedy series “Chappelle’s Show”. You may explore in details below the life, career and net worth of Paul Mooney in 2020.

Early Life & Biography:

Paul Mooney Net Worth 2020

Paul Mooney birth name is Paul Gladney. He was born on August 4, 1941, in Shreveport city in Louisiana, United States. His father’s name is George Gladney, and his mother’s is LaVoya Ealy. His parent’s occupations and the economic conditions of the family during the child days of Paul are not known. The number of siblings he has is also not revealed, but he has a brother named Rudy Mooney.

Paul Mooney was mainly grown and raised in his hometown, and in Oakland city in California where he moved to when he was around 7 years old. His maternal grandmother Aimay Ealy was the most responsible for taking care of him and raising him. He probably attended the Berkeley High School but it’s not known whether he went to a college, university or not.

Personal Life:

There isn’t much to say that is confirmed officially about Paul Mooney’s personal life. His former spouse Yvonne Mooney has an appearance as an actress. He’s the father of 4 sons, Symeon Mooney died in 2001, actor and writer Shane Mooney, comedians Dwayne Mooney and Daryl Mooney.

Career, Awards & Nominations:

Paul Mooney greatest work was with the stand-up comedian and actor Richard Pryor as his writer. He wrote a few episodes of the sitcom “Sanford and Son” and he was one of the cast members of “The Richard Pryor Show”. He was also the writer of some episodes of “In Living Color” sketch comedy series and he’s one of the stars of “Judge Mooney” series.

Paul Mooney doesn’t really have much to mention regarding the awards. He received a Daytime Emmy Award nomination for writing “Pryor’s Place”. However, his shows and tours have always been waited by many people which means that he’s perceived as a great comedian.

Paul Mooney latest and most recent work including writing and appearing in an episode of “Laugh Factory”. His newest appearance as an actor was in the horror comedy film “Meet the Blacks” which stars Mike Epps, Zulay Henao, George Lopez, Lil Duval, Gary Owen, and others. He’s also still going on tours performing comedy shows.

Net Worth & Earnings:

The American comedian, actor and writer Paul Mooney has an estimated net worth of nearly $1 million. He made his wealth through his work in films and shows, and from touring and performing comedy. Paul Mooney worked with the comedy icon Richard Pryor as a writer but the salary he earned is not revealed.

Paul Mooney is a great and talented person who worked in comedy for years. He gained huge success and fame while working with Richard Pryor as a writer, and he has recently written an episode of a series. The private life of Paul Mooney has never been much exposed to the fans and the public.


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