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Lisa Lampanelli Net Worth

Lisa Lampanelli Net Worth 2020

Lisa Lampanelli is a famous American stand-up comedian, insult comic and an actress. She has gained much of her popularity through her humor in which she involves ethnic, racial and cultural jokes through which her main focus on homosexuals and racial minorities. She is highly applauded by her audience for her blatant takes on most other celebrities together with most black people. She previously worked as a journalist before she went into the comic world. Today, let’s have a close look at the net worth of Lisa Lampanelli in 2020.

Early Life & Biography

Lisa Lampanelli Net Worth 2020

Lisa Lampanelli was born on 19th July in the year 1961 in Trumbull, Connecticut with her full name being Lisa Marie Lampugnale. She was born to her parents known as Leonard Lamougnale and Gloria. She has a mixed ancestry of both Polish and Italian descent. Though she was born in Connecticut, she got much of her popularity as a New Yorker.

She has one sister who is known as Nancy Lessard. She went to St. Joseph High School in which she commenced her education. After this, she then joined Syracuse University in which she went to learn on the journalist. She then later joined Boston College to further her studies in Journalism.

Personal Life

Lisa Lampanelli tied knots with Jimmy Cannizzaro on 2nd October in the year 2010 though they divorced after four years. However, they are still good friends to date.

Career, Awards & Nominations

Lisa Lampanelli commenced her career as a journalist in which she at first had much interest in becoming a journalist. However, she made a turn to her career on her 30’s in which she moved to be a Stand-up comedian. She got into this career in the early 1990s in which she commenced performing from several clubs in the New York City and in Los Angeles. She then got much of her popularity through her coarse sarcastic routines as her insult comics improved the laughing applauses of the audience. Following this, she then expanded and improved in her circuit in New York.

Her comic was influenced by racial smears together with ethnic humor which majored on minority groups such as the racial one and homosexuals. She got much of her breakthrough with the Friars’ Club roast in New York where she was together with other characters such as Jeff Foxworthy, Denis Leary, Donald Trump among many other in executing Larry the Cable Guy as a Roastmaster. She was also featured in The Howard Stern Show and released a DVD known as Take it Like a Man in 2005 and a special known as Dirty Girl in the year 2006. She has played some pranks such as the Flavor of Love among other performances leading to her success.

Net Worth & Earnings

Lisa Lampanelli has an estimated net worth of $5 million. This comes from the fortunes she has made through her successful professional career as a stand-up comedian. Her appearance on several comedic roles in different shows has contributed highly to her net worth as she has attracted many fans. She also commenced as a journalist before she realized her successful career.

Lisa Lampanelli has had much success in her career in which she has been known to major her comedy career on minority groups. This includes the homosexuals in which this genre on her comedy has brought much love humor to her audience.


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