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Lil Duval Net Worth

Lil Duval Net Worth 2020

Across the globe, there are professional entertainers, who make jokes and sketches. All these are intended to make the audience laugh and also pass a message to them. One such professional entertainer is Lil Duval an American comedian best known for his humor in hosting music television show ‘Ain’t That American’ and other shows. Today let us learn more about the career, biography and net worth of Lil Duval in 2020.

Early Life & Biography

Lil Duval Net Worth 2020

Lil Duval was born on 12th June 1977 in Florida in the United States of America. His birth name is Roland Powell, but he acquired stage name ‘Lil Duval’ in honor of his origin place, Duval County in Florida. Lil has a sister named Rolanda Powel who is a gay. He is an American nationality belonging to the ethnic group of African-American ethnicity. His height is five point one inches with a birth sign of Gemini.

Lil went to First Coast High School, and after graduating, he relocated to Atlanta Georgia where he resides with his family members.

Personal Life

Lil does not like disclosing his private life to the public, so very little known about him. Sometimes back in 2011, Lil posted on the Facebook page that he had divorced his wife who they had cohabited for a period. Lil claimed that the wife did have time for him hence opting to divorce. He never hinted at his love stories on social media but talked about divorce.

Despite being secretive, Lil welcomed a baby girl named Nyla with his girlfriend in 2008. During the father’s day celebration on 17th June 2018, Lil shared a picture of his son and grandson on Instagram. He commended his son for being a responsible father to his grandson, ironically wondering how fast he was aging.

Career, Awards & Nominations

Lil’s career in comedy begun when he moved to Atlanta where he joined other comedians and performed in stand-ups and uptown comedy corner where he gained experience. In 2001 he participated in Oakland Area Competition where he played to Budweiser tour with other comedians.

Between 2003 and 2005 he released his two DVD comic albums that created a channel for him to join an American hip-hop group called Three 6 Mafia. He was the finalist on the comedy competition coming to the stage that aired on BET Network.

Net Worth & Earnings

Lil has accumulated his wealth through his acting career of over more than two decades. He also earns from music television series Hip Hope Squares and Guy code. His performances on stand-up comedy and the show he was introduced to by Cedrick the Entertainer road manager helped him collect vast sums of money hence increasing his net worth. Lil’s net worth is estimated to be $2.5 million.

Lil Duval has had a controversial marriage life where nobody knows exactly who his wife is, the children and how they were brought up or where they live. He only showed up on Instagram wishing them a happy father’s day and congratulating his son for being a good father. Despite the above, his career life has not been affected and has continued to climb the ladder of prosperity.