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John Mulaney Net Worth

John Mulaney Net Worth 2020

Applause for the comedians, who make a joke of themselves to make us happy! We do not think much about the true story of a comedian but they try hard to wear a mask and make the whole world smile. We respect comedians and how they work hard to get the best jokes and helping us to forget the worries of life!

When we talk about comedians, we think of John Mulaney. He is a star, isn’t he? The American stand-up comedian has garnered a lot of fame over these years and this post is dedicated to him!

You will find early life, career, personal life, earnings and the net worth of John Mulaney in 2020 through this post. Are you ready for it?

Early Life & Biography

John Mulaney Net Worth 2020

John Mulaney hails from Chicago and he was born in the year 1982 on August 26th. He comes from an educated family where his mother was a professor and the father was an attorney. In fact, John’s parents attended the same university where Bill Clinton studied!

John Mulaney went to Georgetown to complete his studies and then eventually he moved to New York City. This is because he wanted to make a career in the comedy field!

Personal Life

In the year 2014, John Mulaney married Annamarie Tendler. Annamarie Tender is a makeup artist and their wedding ceremony was performed by a close friend of theirs. John Mulaney was an alcoholic but the problem got resolved and he has left the addiction!

Career, Awards & Nominations

Did you know that John Mulaney got the chance to audition for the role of Home Alone’s Kevin? He could have bagged the role but his parents declined. John Mulaney was just 7 years old back then!

John Mulaney has a successful TV career as well! He has appeared in a number of shows such as Human Giant, Live at Gotham, Saturday Night Live, Ugly Americans, Mulaney, Mayne Street, Big Mouth, Crashing and the list is actually endless!

John Mulaney is not just a comedian! He is a screenwriter, producer and actor as well! The writer is best known for his work on Saturday Night Live. He is known for being an excellent comedian in The Top Part, New in Town and Kid Gorgeous.

He was also the star and creator of the famous semi-autobiographical show, ‘Mulaney’.

Net Worth & Earnings

John Mulaney has a net worth of $5 million. We believe that he is worth $50 million but sadly, he was able to accumulate only $5 million. He has earned it through his hard work and dedication towards his career.

John Mulaney is a multi-talented person, who has excelled in every field and we love how he makes the whole smile with his charm, wit and funny bone.

We hope that you enjoyed reading about John Mulaney, his life and earnings. Mulaney is a multi-talented and gifted man, who has excelled in a number of fields. Whether it is screenwriting, comedy timing or acting, Mulaney is known for talent and hard work!

We also wish to see more of him in the near future!