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Jerry Stiller Net Worth

Jerry Stiller Net Worth 2020

Gerald Isaac Stiller or Jerry is an American comedian and actor. Jerry spent many years in a comedy duo with his wife Anne Meara. Jerry’s Son Ben Stiller is also a great Hollywood actor. Jerry and his son together co-starred in films like Hot Pursuit, Zoolander 2, etc. Now let’s have a close look at the Net worth of Jerry Stiller in the year 2019.

Early life and Biography

Jerry Stiller Net Worth 2020

Jerry is the eldest of four children of his parents. He was born in Brooklyn, New York at Unity hospital on June 8, 1927, to father William and mother Bella. His paternal grandparents emigrated from Galicia and mother’s birthplace was Poland. Jerry’s family was Jewish. He attended Seward Park High School in Manhattan, New York.

Jerry attended Syracuse University after returning from World War II where he completed his degree in drama and speech in the year 1950. In the year 1953, Jerry and two other formed the best trio of Shakespearian clowns which was an outstanding performance and loved by viewers.

Personal Life

Jerry got married to Anne Meara in the year 1954 and loved her so much until her death on May 23, 2015. Jerry met Anne Meara in his agent’s office. At the agent’s office, Anne was upset because of misbehaving by a casting agent, so Jerry took her out and made her laugh. They stayed together after that and got married soon after this meeting.

Their son Ben Stiller is also a great comedic actor who is known for his acting skills. Daughter Amy Stiller is an actress. Through Ben, Jerry has two grandchildren’s. Jerry sometimes remembers his wife and becomes sad.

Career, Awards, and Nominations

Jerry desired to enter into the entertainment world after completion of his undergraduate degree in speech and Drama. He acted in the early 1950’s and got a great role in a Trio in the John Houseman’s production. This Trio became the best Trio of Shakespearian clowns which has been ever performed on stage.

In the early 1980’s, Jerry and his wife hosted HBO Sneak Previews which was a great hit. This show was of 30 minutes in which they describe the upcoming movies and programs. Along with playing big roles and in movies and shows, Jerry also wrote the foreword for the book “Festivus- the Holiday for the Rest of us”.

Net worth and Earnings

Jerry has an estimated net worth of $15 Million. He has made this fortune by working in many popular programs, Movies, etc. He invests his money through advisors and does not have any salary now.

Jerry is a legend born in the early Nineties. Stiller has made his own world and living his dream. He was inspired by his father for acting and also give inspiration to his son Ben, who then became a great actor like his father. Jerry has always made us laugh through his great sense of humor. Stiller is not working in any show or movie.


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