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Doug Stanhope Net Worth

Doug Stanhope Net Worth 2020

A very successful stand-up comedian, Doug Stanhope is best known for his cynical comedy style. He is also an author and actor and has released many books. He has also released albums in the forms of DVDs and CDs. He is a very popular name in the world when it comes to comedy. Here is a quick summary of net worth, career and earnings of Doug Stanhope in 2020.

Early Life & Biography

Doug Stanhope Net Worth 2020

Douglas Stanhope was born in 1967 in Worcester, MH. He is the son of Bonnie Kirk and Russ Stanhope. There’s not much known about his childhood details and where he was raised. But he surely must have been a talented young boy during his early days.

When it comes to his educational profile, the talented comedian attended the Doherty Memorial High School. However, there are no reports on where he went to receive his college education. He is known for delivering many personal quotes and also makes political statements.

Personal Life

According to reports, Stanhope was first married to a woman in 1987, but they later parted their ways. In 2002, he got married to Renee Morrison. However, they are separated on the current date. There were rumours that he was dating Amy Bingaman in 2005. But those are not the only women whom he has dated or had married. He was also rumoured to have an encounter with Ginger Lynn in 2008. He does not have any children and has cited it for overpopulation.

Career, Award & Nominations

In 1990, Doug Stanhope began his career as a stand-up comedian. He has performed in many Comedy Festivals like US Comedy Arts Festival, Edinburg Festival Fringe and Just for Laughs. His immense success made him create his own show called ‘Invasion of Hidden Cameras’ on Fox in 2002. He has also appeared on Spy TV and has co-hosted ‘The Man Show’ in its 5th and 6th seasons. With his increasing popularity, he soon became the host of a radio show in 2005.

Stanhope has also hosted the show called ‘Girls Gone Wild: America Uncovered’. He was a part of the movie called ‘The Aristocrats’. He has appeared in many live shows and performed in many cities across the United States. In 2015, he shot the special called ‘No Place Like Home’. For his performance, Doug Stanhope won the Strathmore Press Award at the 2002 Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

He has also won the San Francisco Internal Comedy Competition in 1995 in a three-week contest. In 1998, he came with his first album called ‘The Great White Stanhope’. He released many other albums like ‘Die Laughing’, ‘Morbid obscenity (The Unbookables)’, ‘Beer Hall Putsch’, ‘From Across the Street’, ‘Before Turning the Gun on Himself’, ‘No Refunds’, and ‘Deadbeat Hero’.

Net Worth & Earnings

How much would a person have who has been performing for over two decades? He has been performing comedies and has appeared in several venues. In doing so, the talented comedian has been successful enough to make a net worth of over $2.5 million. But that’s not the only thing he has done in his career. He has also appeared in television and films and has hosted shows. As an author, he is credited for writing the books, ‘Fun with Pedophiles: The Best of Baiting’, ‘Digging Up Mother: A Love Story’, and ‘This Is Not Fame’.

Stanhope is a very popular name when it comes to comedy. He is a very influential person who has also won awards. He is blessed with an amazing talent who makes people forget all their sorrows and laugh. He is very active in his profession and for sure he will entertain people with his amazing comedy skills.


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