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Dick Gregory Net Worth

Dick Gregory Net Worth 2020

Dick Gregory was a renowned African American comedian, writer, entrepreneur, civil rights activist, social critic, conspiracy theorist as well as an actor. He was mainly known for being the first black comedian to do a performance in a white audience. Dick Gregory died on 19th August 2017 having had much success in the whole of his career life. Here are the complete details about career, biography, and net worth of Dick Gregory in 2020.

Early Life & Biography

Dick Gregory Net Worth 2020

Dick Gregory was born on 12th October in the year 1932 and died on 19th August in the year 2017. He was born in St. Louis, Missouri in the United States of America through which his full birth name was Richard Claxton Gregory. He was born to his parents by the name Presley and Lucille Gregory. During his early life, he used to be a good runner who led him to get a scholarship at the Southern Illinois University (SIU) after which he got enrolled in the United States Army while still at school

He commenced comedy while in the army and later was discharged through which he went back to the University. However, Dick Gregory left the University on the basis that the university was interested in him running rather than studying. After this, he then moved to Illinois whereby he joined a group of the black comedians in which he had a hope of getting an opportunity to getting a platform for his skills.

Personal Life

Dick Gregory tied knots with Lilian Smith in the year 1959 whom they together have 11 children though one son died in infancy. Dick was however often criticized for being absent in the life of his children though he claims that his wife was the caretaker of his children while he himself was busy on his work projects.

Career, Awards & Nominations

He got in to pursue his professional comedy career through moving to Illinois where he joined other black comedians. He opened a club in the first place known as Apex Nightclub which, however, failed which as a result, left him in debt. He then later got a job in the year 1959 in the Robert Show Bar. During this time, he did a performance to the white audience when in the year 1961, Hugh Hefner noticed him who then hired him to work in Chicago at a Playboy Club.

Following the success of his performance, he was then featured in television show known as Tonight Starring Jack Paar through which he was invited by Paar though he always declined the offer all the time to perform on the show. He explained the reason for declining as blacks after the show were not allowed an interview. The show producers, however, allowed Paar to have an interview after the show with Dick Gregory. This became the first time in history which was a big opportunity for Dick.

After this, he then co-hosted The Power which was a morning show. He also was featured in other shows such as Wonder Showzen as Mr. Sun, The Alex Jones Show. He additionally ran for the presidency of the United States in the year 1968 though it was unsuccessful. In his career, he has also authored some books such as Write Me In which was about presidential campaign including other books such as autobiographies known as Nigger. His major achievement is when he earned a star in St. Louis Walk of Fame.

Net Worth & Earnings

Dick Gregory had got an estimated net worth of $8 Million during his demise. This was from the fortunate earnings he had made throughout his professional career that was very successful. In his time, he was one of the most ranked black comedians. He had much of his earnings as a comedian as well as a writer.

Being one of the causes of the rise of the black comedy in America, Dick Gregory is considered to be very successful. He was mainly known for his funny comments which were always humorous. Dick Gregory died on 19th August in 2017 while at the age of 84 years following a heart attack in a hospital located in Washington D.C.


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