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Dennis Miller Net Worth

Dennis Miller Net Worth 2020

Best known for appearing on ‘Saturday Night Live’, Dennis Miller has been performing for almost four decades. He has hosted several shows and has also acted in films and television. He is also a political commentator and comedian. He is a very talented person who has also done radio shows. He has also released comedy albums. Keep reading to know more about the net worth of Dennis Miller in 2020.

Early Life & Biography

Dennis Miller Net Worth 2020

Dennis Michael Miller was born in 1953, in the city of Pittsburg. He is the son of Norma, who raised him as a single parent. His parents got separated when he was very young and he hardly discusses his father. He spent his childhood in Castle Shannon. He has got four younger siblings.

He first went to Saint Anne School and used to play basketball and football. He graduated from Keystone Oaks High School in 1971. He then wanted to become a sportswriter and went to the Point Park University. In there, he joined the Sigma Tau Gamma fraternity. In 1976, he earned his degree in journalism.

Personal Life

In 1988, Dennis Miller got married to Carolyn “Ali” Espley. His wife is a former model and has also appeared in music videos. They are the parents of Marlon and Holden. The family lives in Santa Barbara, California. He is known to have neoconservative political opinions. In 2016, he strongly supported Donald Trump for the U.S. Presidential Elections.

Career, Award & Nominations

At first, Dennis Miller did various kinds of jobs like a delivery man, janitor, clerk, and ice cream scooper. In 1979, he decided to become a stand-up comedian. He used to perform at open-mic nights and soon caught the attention of the audience. In that very same year, he finished second in a humor contest by Playboy magazine. In 1980, he first appeared in the local TV station called KDKA-TV. At the same time, he used to perform stand-up comedy. In 1985, he became a cast member of ‘Saturday Night Live’.

He hosted his own show called ‘The Dennis Miller Show’ in 1992. He then hosted ‘Dennis Miller Live’ from 1994. The show made him win five Primetime Emmy Awards and received several nominations for the Online Film & Television Association Awards. He was also nominated for the Writers Guild of America Award in 2003. He has also hosted ‘Monday Night Football’ on ABC, ‘Grand Slam’, ‘Amne$ia’, and the ‘CNBC Show’.

His film roles include ‘Madhouse’, ‘The Net’, ‘Never Talk to Strangers’, ‘Murder at 1600’, ‘Thank You for Smoking’, ‘Joe Dirt 2’, ‘What Happens in Vegas’, ‘The Campaign’, and ‘Bordello of Blood’. In 1996, Miller won the American Comedy Award for ‘State of Union: Undressed’. He has also released many albums like ‘The Off-White Album’, ‘The Rants’, ‘Ranting Again’, ‘Rants Redux’, ‘America 180’, and ‘I Rant, Therefore I Am’. He has received three nominations for the Grammy Awards in the category of “Best Spoken Comedy Album”.

Net Worth & Earnings

What could be the wealth of an artist who has done many activities in his career? From acting in movies to hosting television shows and from releasing albums to writing, he is a multi-talented person. He has got a net worth of over $35 million. He has also done many comedy specials and appeared in TV series like ‘Boston Public’, ‘House of Cards’ and ‘Space Ghost Coast to Coast’. He has written four books and had his own radio show called ‘The Dennis Miller Show’.

A man who won many accolades for his performances, Dennis Miller is an influential person. He continues to be active in his profession and entertain people. He has hosted sports show and has also done political commentary.