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Andrew Dice Clay Net Worth

Andrew Dice Clay Net Worth 2020

Andrew Dice Clay is a famous actor, musician and stand-up comedian of America. He was the first comedian who was responsible for selling out the tickets for two consecutive nights at Madison Square Garden. His comedy and sense of humor are loved by his fans in the country, and later on, he got a role in a movie which was a comedy-mysterious film.

He has played different roles in TV shows and movies and also released a number of albums of his stand-up comedy. He is paying attention to his acting along with making tours for the stand-up comedy. Let’s check out the net worth of Andrew Dice Clay in 2020 in this article.

Early Life & Biography

Andrew Dice Clay Net Worth 2020

He was born on 29th September in the year 1957 in Brooklyn in New York. He was born to a Jewish Family, and his father’s name was Fred Silverstein while his mother’s name was Jacqueline Silverstein. He also had one sister and his father used to do boxing and also worked as a real estate sales agent. He started working as a stand comedian when he was in high school.

Personal Life

He has been married for a total of three times in his life, and at first, he married Kathy Swanson in the year 1984. Their marriage lasted for two years only and took divorce from each other in the year 1986. He got married to a waitress named Kathleen Monica and had two sons with her. Their marriage also ended with a divorce.

On 14th February in the year 2010, he got married to Valerie Vasquez at Las Vegas. Both of them got separated on the 18th of March in the year 2014. They took divorce at that time but announced that they would remain in relationship with each other.

Career, Awards & Nominations

Andrew began working as a stand-up comedian in the year 1978, and he used to perform on different topics at various venues in the city. He became a famous comedian of his time, but later on, he had to suffer from the breakthrough, but he revived in the year 1995. HE started playing roles in the TV shows and also released an album in the year 1996 through his own website. Again in the year 2000, he released another of his comedy album which was loved by fans worldwide.

In the year 2005, he signed a contract with Radio for broadcasting his show. In the year 2007, he again got a role in a reality TV series where he worked for seven episodes only. He has got his name on 14th rank in the list of world’s worst comedians. In the year 2015, he released some of his blue comics and was released on Showtime.

Net Worth & Earnings

The net worth of Andrew Dice Clay is around $12 million. He has been able to accumulate this much amount of wealth by working on his comedy skills and acting skills. He is one of the finest actors and also does fantastic comedy. He is going to earn a lot more wealth in the coming years ahead in his career.

He had also gained controversies when he called Donald Trump as Donny Trump, and for his various TV shows appearances, he got into controversies. He is a person who has worked as a comedian since he started his career. In between, he also had to face a lot of struggle, but then he made a comeback with doing acting in a TV series. He performed in different TV shows after which he released his comedy albums. Andrew has been able to earn huge amount of money by working as an actor, comedian, and producer.


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