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Ray Dalio Net Worth

Ray Dalio Net Worth 2020

Ray Dalio is an American businessman and philanthropist. He is the founder of the famous company, Bridgewater Associates which is an investment firm. He has got one of the largest hedge funds in the company and considered as one of the richest people by Bloomberg. If you are interested in know about life, career, biography and net worth of Ray Dalio in 2020, then you can read this article ahead.

Early Life & Biography

Ray Dalio Net Worth 2020

Ray was born on 8th August in the year 1949 in Jackson Heights. His parents were Marino Dallolio who was a jazz musician and Ann who was a housewife. He belongs to the Italian descent. He used to go to Long Island University from where he completed his degree in finance, and then he did MBA in Harvard Business School. When he was just 12, he started investing money and bought shares of airlines and then tripled his investment soon.

Personal Life

He got married to Barbara in Greenwich in Connecticut. They both had four sons. His son Paul Dalio is a famous film director, and Devon is working in cattle futures. Matthew is the founder of China Care Foundation and also the CEO of a computer operating company. In the year 2018, he has got $17.4 billion wealth according to the Forbes magazine.

When Bill Gate and his wife were vowing pledge to donate half of their wealth to charities for their whole life, then at that time he and his wife also participated in the same vow. He has helped many people across the whole world. He has got Dalio foundation with which he sends huge donations to the David Lynch Foundation.

Career, Award, & Nominations

When he completed his education, he started working in the stock exchange of New York and used to trade commodities. Ray has also worked as a director of commodities in a company. In the year 1974, he started working as a broker and trader at the Shearson Hayden Stone. In the year 1975, he gained a lot of experience in the finance world, and he opened the firm Bridgewater associates in his apartment. Later on, an office of the company was opened in Westport at Connecticut in the year 1981.

In the year 2005, this company became one of the largest hedge funds in the whole world. His company had $160 billion of assets in the year 2017. He has also written books on finance which is considered as one of the best books in the year 2017. He is a great philanthropist who has worked hard to reach this position where he is now.

Net Worth & Earnings

The net worth of Ray Dalio is around $18 billion. He is a famous American businessman who is known as one of the top most influential persons in the market. By the time magazine, he was also included in the top hundred list of influential people. He is managing the Bridgewater associates, and it is known as one of the biggest fund managing company.

He was a famous Businessman and a person who worked for various charities. He used to love people, and that’s why he spent a lot of money for helping them. He is married to Barbara with whom he had taken the vow for spending his half of the earnings for the charities. He took this vow when Bill Gates did the same as it inspired Ray Dalio also. He is the person who has won a number of awards in his life till now.


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