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Randall Pich Net Worth

Randall Pich Net Worth 2020

Randall Pich is a renown American businessman and a personal trainer. He has gained a lot of popularity from the running of his fitness clothing business over the years. Today, let’s learn more about the career, biography and the net worth of Randall Pich in 2020.

Early Life & Biography

Randall Pich Net Worth 2020

Randall Pich was born on the 7th of February 1988 in Long Beach, California. His parents were from Cambodia, and they relocated to America as refugees. They had no jobs and life was very tough for his family. The parents only got meager paying jobs to cater for their children.

Randall was very uncomfortable with the life he was living, and he was eager to venture into new ideas. He learned to play different instruments and joined a band at the age of 13 years. He later became a fitness trainer. He attended the State University of California but dropped out before the graduation.

Personal Life

Randall is very committed to his work, and he keeps his private life very discreet. Most of the pictures on his social media accounts are those of his car. He owns a black Lamborghini that he loves very much. He usually brags about it a lot in the social networks.

Career, Awards, & Nominations

As a teenager, he had a sharp eye for fashion and art, and He could design T-shirts when he was part of a band to raise some extra cash. He wanted to venture into the fitness business, and he even went to college to acquire the required skills.

He became a personal trainer and got several clients. He later got the idea of designing T-Shirts and selling them to his customers. Soon the number of his clients grew and started a clothing line known as ‘Live Fit.’ At first, his products could only be available to his clients only, but this was to change with time.

The number of the people he was training grew very first, and at some point, he had a big waiting list, and he again got the idea of apparel. He used his social media accounts to post videos and photographs to advertise his business. The name of his company was ‘RP Fitness.’

He got a huge following, and more people bought his products from his ‘Live Fit’ clothing line. The workload was getting more than he could handle and he started hiring workers to help him out. The rest is history as he is today very successful and famous. Although he has not won any awards or nomination, he has so far achieved a lot considering his background.

Net Worth & Earnings

The famous fitness trainer net worth is $3 Million. The wealth has come from his career as a personal trainer. Besides, he has earned a very impressive amount through the sale of fitness clothing over the years. He is still very active in his career, and this means his worth will undoubtedly increase in the days to come.

Randall Pich had a very rough childhood because his family was impoverished. The poverty motivated him to work even harder to change his life. His hard work has so far paid, and he is today among the wealthiest people in America. The skies seem to be the limit for him.


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