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Michael Eisner Net Worth

Michael Eisner Net Worth 2020

When we think of people, who have invested in the business and brought a significant impact, many names ringer in our minds. One of the people not ignored is Michael Eisner. Michael is an American businessman who has brought tremendous growth to the world of business through his investment in the sector. Here are the complete details about career, biography and net worth of Michael Eisner in 2020.

Early Life & Biography

Michael Eisner Net Worth 2020

Michael was born on 7th March 1942 in New York America with his birth name being Michael Dammann Eisner. His father Lester Eisner was a lawyer and a regional administrator who worked for the ministry of United States of Housing and Urban Development and the mother Margaret Dammann served as the president of Irvington Institute. The person who supplied clothing to America Boys Scout was his great-grandfather with a clothing company of which he was the founder. Michael only sister is called Margot Freedman.

For his 9th grade, Michael went to Allen-Stevenson School but joined Lawrenceville School for his 10th grade and senior years. In 1964 he graduated from Denison University with a Bachelor of Arts in English. He belonged to the fraternity of Delta Upsilon.

Personal Life

Michael got married to Jane Breckenridge in 1967, and they have had a successful and fruitful marriage with no extra-marital affairs ever known to either of them. The duo has three children namely; Breck Eisner, Eric Eisner, and Anders Eisner. All of their children are mature and engaged in their different professional career.

Michael and Jane are a happy and blessed couple for they have grandchildren from their offspringā€™s.

Career, Awards & Nominations

Michael began his career working for the three big network television that dominated the United States that is America Broadcasting Company, Columbia Broadcasting System, and National Broadcasting Company. He worked as National Assistant in Programming before becoming the vice president of programming in ABC. Michael moved to Paramount Pictures in 1976 where he became the chairman and later the chief executive officer of a movie studio.

In 1984 Michael moved to The Walt Disney where he signed a contract of twelve years but stepped out one year before his tenure. He appeared in different shows before beginning an investment firm in 2007 called The Tornante Company.

Michael received the following, Honor Award from National Museum 2001, Walk of Fame award 2008 and inducted into the TV Academy Hall of Fame on 2012.

Net Worth & Earnings

Michael’s posts in different prestigious companies have been a contributing factor to his wealth. He has gained a vast amount of money from his publication of books which are in high demand and the investments he has established. He also earns from the release of classic movies which are on public request from his movie studio. Michael Eisner net worth is estimated to be $1.2 billion.

Michael is an icon to identify with when it comes to business investment. He has left a mark of excellence in any company that he has worked. When he resigned as the chief executive officer of The Walt Disney, it became the headlines of most newspapers, television, and radio stations in America.

Despite the phenomena associated with the rich about infidelity his family has remained intact and a case study for many.


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