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Marissa Mayer Net Worth

Marissa Mayer Net Worth 2020

Marissa Mayer is a famous Computer Scientist, Engineer, and Businessperson. Over the years in her professional life, Marissa Mayer worked for UBS Research Lab and Google. Most of her income came from Google. Later, from 2012 to 2017, Marissa Mayer was the acting President and CEO of Yahoo! Inc. Continue reading to find the net worth of Marissa Mayer as of 20019.

Early Life & Biography:

Marissa Mayer Net Worth 2020

Marissa Mayer was born as Marissa Ann Mayer on 30th May 1975 in Wausau, Wisconsin, the US. After completing her studies at Wausau West High School, Marissa continued her higher education at Stanford University. Marissa Mayer graduated with honors with B.S. in symbolic systems and M.S. in computer science.

Marissa Mayer had specialized in artificial intelligence for both the degrees. Marissa’s work in the research was awarded the honoris causa Ph.D. from Illinois Institute of Technology (2009). After her education, Marissa Mayer did research work in a lab in Switzerland and at SRI International, in California.

Personal Life

In 2009, Marissa Mayer married Zack Bogue, the entrepreneur. At their wedding, the cake was designed by Ron Ben-Israel, The Killers entertained the Food Network star and all present.

Career, Awards & Nominations:

Marissa Mayer commenced her professional life at Google (1999) as the 20th employee and first woman engineer. For 13 years, Marissa Mayer was promoted from an engineer, designer, product manager, and executive. During her career at Google, Marissa was involved with Gmail, Google Books, Google Images, Google Maps, Google News, Google Product Search, Google Search, Google Toolbar, and iGoogle.

Marissa was responsible for decorating and layout of the homepage of Google Search engine. Also, Marissa was the Vice President of Google products and the user experience. During her final year with Google, Marissa Mayer was the Vice President of Local Maps and Location Services.

On 16th July 2012, Marissa Mayer became the President and CEO of Yahoo! Inc. Thus, Marissa Mayer became one of the most influential women in Silicon Valley. FORBES magazine ranked Marissa Mayer as 14th in the list of America’s most powerful businesswomen (2012). Again in 2013, FORBES ranked her 32nd in the list of a most powerful woman.

Marissa Mayer is one of the acting members of the board of directors of Yahoo! Inc. After taking her position at Yahoo! Inc., Marissa popularised Yahoo’s Flickr, photo-sharing service. Marissa Mayer redesigned the homepage with many acquisitions including Tumblr, the blogging platform for $1.1 billion and Summly, the story-shortener for $30 million.

Net Worth & Earnings:

The estimated net worth of Marissa Mayer is around $650 Million. During her employment at Google, Marissa Mayer earned around $300 million. During Marissa’s first four years at Yahoo! Inc., she earned $219 million in cash and stock. Marissa Mayer is expected to earn an additional $186 million because of her 5th year of working when the Company to sell to Verizon.

Marissa and Zack’s main home is a penthouse apartment in San Francisco Four Seasons. Also, the couple owns a house in Palo Alto where they spend late nights at the office. At their home in Palo Alto, the couple hosted a party serving $30,000 per plate to raise funds for Barack Obama (2010).

In 2012, Marissa Mayer began her responsibilities as the CEO of Yahoo! Inc. However, she could not keep up with the network traffic, and ad revenues fell. The Company was sold to Verizon at $4.48 billion after the findings of security breaches. Marissa Mayer stepped down as CEO of Yahoo! Inc (mid-June 2017).

In 2018, Marissa Mayer co-founded Lumi Labs, the incubator, Palo Alto, California. Lumi Labs would be focusing on future artificial intelligence and consumer media.


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